Off the Clock: Nate Chung at Cellar Door Provisions

By Sarah Freeman  |  June 11, 2014

Want to rub shoulders with a chef? Buy a round for a bartender? We asked Chicago industry veterans where they can be found in their off-hours.

Who He Is: Nate Chung, partner and beverage director at Mott St and Ruxbin
Where He Haunts: Cellar Door Provisions
Why He’s There: “Living just four blocks away, I relish in the convenience of an energizing breakfast beneath the morning light bursting through Cellar Door Provision's big windows. Sincere cuisine and honest hospitality provide the gift of a good start to the day.”
What He’s Eating: Croissants, which he calls the best in the city for their  simultaneously flaky, crusty, and chewy texture
What He’s Drinking: Black coffee

3025 W. Diversey Ave.; 773-697-8337