Ryan Poli Leaves Tavernita and Little Market Kitchens

By Sarah Freeman  |  October 21, 2013

As of late last week, chef Ryan Poli abandoned his post as executive chef at Tavernita and Little Market Brasserie. This news comes as a surprise after Poli quickly rose to local fame after opening Tavernita in early 2012, following stints at Butter, The French Laundry and Perennial. Poli will remain a partner in Mercadito Hospitality, but decided to leave the cooking side of things due to personal reasons.

“That’s [what] I feel like now, like I’m getting lost. Lost in this race of who can have the most restaurants, or how many can we open in one year,” Poli said in a post on his personal blog. “What’s wrong with just having one restaurant and making it great?! Facebook and Twitter clouds my memories of why I became a cook in the first place, which was to learn and provide joy thru food.”

Tavernita was recently featured on an episode of Food Network’s Chef Wanted. The winning contestant did not accept the executive chef position, but according to Eater, Mercadito Hospitality will announce a new "highly acclaimed" chef/partner this week. Poli, on the other hand, has no plans to open another restaurant and instead will take time off to travel and rediscover his love of cooking.