Seasonal Cocktail Innovations at Moto and ING

By Matt Kirouac  |  October 1, 2013
Credit: Amy Stallard

As the temperature in Chicago continues to cool, one surefire and delicious way to combat the chill is with seasonal cocktails. A hot toddy is good and all, but why go the predictable route when there are crafty, potable innovations happening at Moto and ING? Leave it to the culinary wizards on Fulton Market to wow with warm wasabi-laced cocktails and hot toddy-Arnold Palmer hybrids.

At Moto, chef Richie Farina's warm sake cocktail sounds like something one might expect to find on a plate of sushi rather than in a drink. Conceived to pair with the restaurant's prawn and melon dish (check out a video of it here), the drink features cantaloupe juice, wasabi powder, hot sake and egg whites. Once the juice, wasabi and sake are mixed together, a stick blender infuses the egg whites, then a fish tank bubbler is placed in the bottom of the glass to add bubbles. Not only is the temperature of the drink warm, but the potency of the wasabi is sure to help combat the autumn chill.

Next door at ING, experience the zaniest hot toddy to ever warm - or chill - a glass. The Hotty Palmer is a slight portmanteau of a hot toddy and an Arnold Palmer, two beverages that usually don't cross paths, seeing as their respective seasons are polar opposites. But thanks to general manager Trevor Rose-Hamblin, the two make beautiful symmetry. Made with Earl Grey tea, Basil Hayden whiskey, orange blossom honey and lemon juice, the concoction starts off hot, then morphs into a cold drink as it transfers from a coffee cup, through a tube and into an Erlenmeyer flask filled with ice. The result is a chilled whiskey Arnold Palmer.