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Aviary Team Opening New Cocktail Venue

By Sarah Freeman  |  September 19, 2013

By the end of next year, Chicago will (thankfully) have another high-end cocktail destination from Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas, the masterminds behind Aviary, Next and Alinea.

In a blog called “Aviary Is Haunted,” Kokonas said he is not only in negotiations with a luxury hotel group to open versions of the cocktail lounge around the world, but will also open a new concept in Chicago.

Redeye confirmed this with Kokonas, who added that the drinking establishment will be unlike anything anyone can imagine. While the concept is nearly finalized, the location is yet to be announced.

If a recent visit to Aviary is any indication (it involved chocolate milk cocktails in glass milk cartons, served in retro lunch boxes), the new concept will push the envelope in terms of creativity and innovation.