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What to Drink This Weekend: Off Color’s Apex Predator

By Sarah Freeman  |  May 16, 2014
Credit: Nick Murway

It seems only fitting during Chicago Craft Beer Week to think long and hard about which beer we will be drinking this year. Ever since they started brewing last year, we’ve been a fan of Off Color’s unique brews with bright flavors and sometimes funky finishes. One of their newer brews is Apex Predator, a Belgian-Style saison that is brewed with not much more than grain and sugar. A Crystal dry-hop method adds to the crispness of this blonde-colored ale and leads to a dry finish with fruit notes. Despite the simple brew method, the beer displays a remarkable range of flavors from lemongrass to malty bread. At 6.5 percent ABV, it’s drinkable yet packs a bit of a punch.

“Where can I drink this fine beer?” one might ask. Well, you can find it at bars around Chicago including The Whistler, Jerry’s and Farmhouse as well as specialty beer stores like Bottles & Cans, Fischman Liquors and The Nobel Grape. Or you can drink it alongside of a selection of other fine and rare beers from Solemn Oath, Metropolitan and Against the Grain at Sportsman Club’s Good Ole Fashioned Kegger. The event takes place on Saturday from 4 to 6 PM with three beers from each brewery. Grab a solo cup and dig into barbecue by chefs Thomas Bowman and Ben Roche for $40. Tickets are available online.