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What to Drink This Weekend: Pastorela at Frontera

By Sarah Freeman  |  December 27, 2013

Take a sip of Jay Schroeder’s new cocktail menu at Frontera Grill. The new menu features agave-based cocktails that range from a mezcal drink made with fresh pear juice to a tequila drink mixed with Carpano Antica vermouth that’s infused with the cocoa nibs used for the restaurant’s in-house chocolate program. One of the most unusual additions to the list - which was formerly dominated by margaritas - is a beertail (beer-cocktail) called Pastorela that stars Negra Modelo.

The Mexican beer is spiked with Herradura añejo, piloncillo, fresh ginger, clove, ancho chile and fresh lime. The drink transforms the beer, an already ideal ale for colder months, into an even more warming creation by using the heat of chilies as well as the spice of ginger and cloves. That shot of tequila is just for good measure; it takes the drink to a place that’s guaranteed to warm the drinker from the inside out.

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