What to Eat and Drink at Lollapalooza

By Sarah Freeman  |  July 30, 2014

If you're wondering why there is an influx of cutoff-wearing, deadlock-donning, glitter-covered youths this weekend, then you have been living under a rock all summer. This weekend, of course, is Lollapalooza, offering three days of concerts, after-shows and all the binge drinking that goes with them. For those attending the fest, one of the keys to survival (and overall highlights) is the food. We've picked our best bets for the best bites at the fest.

Smoked & Cured at Bar Toma

You might not be dressed for gourmet Italian, but can still get it via this smoked prosciutto “speck” sandwich that's topped with thick-sliced smoked mozzarella as well as tomato and arugula. 

Price: $7

The Popper at Cheesie’s

Over-the-top grilled cheese sandwiches are also on the docket for the weekend. Cheesie’s will serve three, included one inspired by jalapeño poppers that stuffs cheddar cheese, cream cheese, cheddar sauce, sliced jalapeños and bacon between sourdough bread.

Price: $9

Texas Brisket Sandwich at County

One of the newcomers this year is this Taylor Street BBQ spot. It will be serving a selection of smoked meat, from ribs to Carolina-style pulled pork, but our recommendation goes to the most expensive item on the menu — the tender sliced brisket sandwich.

Price: $12


Classic Cheeseburger at Edzo’s

Kuma’s Corner isn't returning to the festival this year, but Edzo’s will take up the slack with their signature griddled patties. There are several burger options this year, including M Burger and Billy Goat Tavern, but this one gets our pick.

Price: $7

Buffalo Chicken Tamale at Dia De Los Tamales

After your third or fourth show and a few glasses of overpriced beer, something commonly known as the munchies will hit. Let the tamale pros curve your cravings with their fusion food — Buffalo chicken in a tamale with blue cheese dressing, carrot and celery.

Price: $5

Triple Truffle Fries at Franks 'n' Dawgs

If one truffle is good and two truffles are better, than three truffles served over twice-fried waffle fries are the best. These fries are slathered in truffle oil, truffle butter and truffle salt as well as fresh-chopped herbs.

Price: $7

Lobster Corn Dog at Graham Elliot

Graham Elliot returns again with the fried shellfish on a stick that secured his spot in festival-fare history. The lobster corn dogs are a revelation with tender lobster dipped in cornmeal batter and drizzled with lemon aïoli and paprika. Both the chef and the lobster corn dog are back for their fifth year.

Price: $9

Pure Black Cold Brew at La Colombe

Lollapalooza is a marathon, not a sprint. Your fuel of choice for the weekend is this super-caffeinated cold-brew coffee from La Colombe. Keep an eye out for their vintage truck slinging the dark stuff.

Price: $5


Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream Sandwich at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Along with telling you what to eat, we checked the weather forecast for you. It’s going to be in the mid-70s, aka perfect ice cream sandwich weather. In addition to ice cream by the scoop, Jeni’s will offer its chocolate ice cream sandwich rolled in hazelnuts.

Price: $6

Margherita Pizza at Stella Barra Pizzeria

Another newcomer this year is Jeff Mahin’s Lincoln Park pizzeria serving three varieties of fresh pizza. He's keeping things simple with a classic margherita as well as a four-cheese and pepperoni.

Price: $7

Pulled Pork Sandwich at The Smoke Daddy

Festival favorite Smoke Daddy is back with their famous pulled pork or chicken on a soft bun. Add a side of chips for $3 or make it a combo for $9. It’s a filling option that'll last you though the headliners.

Price: $7

Fruit Smoothie With Energy Boost at Seedling

Mosey over to the farmer's market for healthier fare from veggie burgers at River Valley Kitchen to a veggie Thai red-curry bowl from Rock ‘n’ Roll Noodle. But don’t miss this healthy way to get caffeinated — a fresh fruit smoothie boosted with freeze-dried green tea powder.

Price: $6