Will the Cuffin Be the Next Food Craze?

By Sarah Freeman  |  August 14, 2013
Credit: Sarah Freeman

Since the cronut craze has peaked, we think it’s about time for another hybrid treat to spark a fresh batch of over-publicized hysteria. A recent trip to Plum Market revealed an interesting baked good in the pastry department. It goes by the name of Cuffin, and is made by combining the shape and soft inside of a muffin with the sweetness and chewy outside of a cookie.

Local baker Zayna has been cranking out Cuffins since 2011. Based out of her home kitchen, the company began as a hobby when she moved to Chicago. The pastries were made for family and friends before they gained a following. In her own words, a Cuffin is “The perfect blend of a cookie and muffin's greatest traits - crisp consistency on the outside, with gooey chewiness at the center.”

So, is it that special or just another over-hyped sugar rush? Zayna captures her mission in the well-proportioned treat. Each Cuffin is like a deep-dish, soft-baked cookie with a filled center. She offers traditional varieties such as chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin as well as specialty flavors such as baklava, s’more and white chocolate macadamia with a raspberry jelly filling.

Cuffins are available at Plum Market or directly though Zayna. They come in boxes of six that roughly cost the same as two cronuts. Between the creative flavors, the soft texture and pop of filling; it’s a treat that may deserve a bit of hysteria.