10 Crazy Burgers From Around the U.S.

By Molly Durham  |  October 21, 2013

Burgers may have been a pretty standard dish at one point in our country's history, when it was solely a fast-food fix. Now, restaurants are playing with the dish in surprising and sometimes crazy ways. Joints all over the country are concocting burgers that could burn through your mouth, burgers that are stacked so high you can’t fit your mouth around them and burgers that are so fancy they cost more than most meals for four at a restaurant. Check out some of our crazy-burger picks below.

  • 10-lb. Monster Burger at Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar - Southgate, MI

    While Mallie’s 10-lb. burger is massive, it’s not even the biggest one the joint serves (there's a 338-lb. one, but that's too crazy, even for us). Loaded with all of Mallie's standard toppings, including lots and lots of American cheese slices, the burger will probably reach your chin when you sit down in front of it and can feed over a dozen people - which makes it a bargain, considering the cost comes in at just under $40.

  • Triple Cheeseburger at Junior Colombian Burger - Orlando

    For this Columbian-influenced burger, three juicy beef patties are layered with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, cheese, potato chips, garlic sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup, pink sauce and pineapple sauce. The pink sauce's ingredients remain a mystery, although we can tell you it’s sweet, salty and seriously addictive.

  • Ghost Burger at Kuma’s Corner - Chicago

    A burger causing controversy? This recent, religion-themed addition to the popular Chicago joint's menu offended the Catholic Church so much that Kuma’s ended up giving a donation to make amends. The huge 10-oz. patty is stacked with ghost chile aïoli, slow-braised goat shoulder, aged white cheddar cheese, red wine reduction (to symbolize, yes, the blood of Christ) and a communion wafer garnish. Whatever your feelings about the appropriateness of the concept, this is one intensely flavored burger.

  • Spaghetti Burger at PYT - Philadelphia

    PYT has more than one interesting burger - the menu includes options made with whiskey, lobster and other surprising toppings. But the spaghetti burger seems especially worthy of the "crazy" moniker. The noodles are shaped into a bunlike form, which holds a mozzarella-stuffed meatball patty, red sauce and Parmesan flakes. Pasta dish or a burger? Either way, it turns the idea of a regular American burger upside down.

  • Four Horsemen at Chunky’s Burgers - San Antonio, TX

    Man vs. Food's Adam Richman said that this burger was the spiciest challenge he’s ever taken on. Rated at over 1,000,000 on the Scoville scale (which measures the level of heat of chile peppers), this apocalyptic dish gets its kick from four ingredients: jalapeños, serranos, habanero sauce and ghost chiles. If you’ve ever needed Tums, you’ll need a million for this. To eat it, you have to be at least 18 years old or have an authorized guardian sign a liability waiver. If you can finish it in under 25 minutes, you get your photo on the wall.

  • Kangaroo at Crazee Burger - San Diego

    With a name like that, we had to include this SoCal joint in our list. Wild-game burgers ranging from gator and ostrich to crab fill the menu. The kangaroo burger, however, really caught our eye. Topped with creamed horseradish sauce, it’s only available periodically, probably because 'roo meat is a scarcity on U.S. menus.

  • Donut Burger at The Original - Portland

    This burger was originally served with a donut from Voodoo, but now The Original makes the sweet treats in-house. The glazed 'nuts, made daily, are split in half to provide a bun for a mini beef patty from local farm Highland Oaks, Tillamook cheddar and house aïoli, making for a sweet and savory pairing of extreme proportions. They’re sold during happy hour and as an appetizer during dinner.

  • Le Burger Extravagant at Serendipity 3, NYC

    Both the toppings and the price of this burger are jaw-dropping. At $295, it’s got Japanese Wagyu beef, white-truffle butter, smoked Pacific sea salt, 18-month cheddar, shaved black truffles, a quail egg, caviar and a white-truffle-buttered bun. Phew. As if the ingredients just weren’t fancy enough already, a solid gold toothpick encrusted with diamonds holds it all together. Serendipity 3 is known for extravagant items like a $69 hot dog, but they might have topped themselves with this one.

  • Turducken Burger at Smokin' Betty’s - Philadelphia

    Smokin' Betty’s has created an homage to the Thanksgiving novelty, combining dish, duck and chicken combo with homemade stuffing, gravy, homemade cranberry sauce and sweet potato ribbons. Move over, turkey-and-cranberry sandwich.

  • Triple Coronary Bypass at the Vortex Bar & Grill - Atlanta

    The name says it all with this burger. Three burger patties, three fried eggs, 14 slices of American cheese and 10 slices of bacon are wedged between two grilled cheese sandwiches. How one eats this - let alone how it stands up on its own - is a mystery. But attacking that challenge should be half the fun. In the absurd case that this isn't enough food, it also comes with french fries and tater tots covered in cheese.