14 Best Brunch Dishes, Drinks and Patios in Dallas-Fort Worth

By Steven Lindsey  |  April 22, 2016
Credit: The Rustic

There are so many reasons to look forward to the weekend. Time off from work. Catching up on Netflix. And sitting on a patio enjoying a leisurely brunch with a mimosa in one hand and a forkful of eggs in the other. If you love brunch like we love brunch, then you'll want to work your way through this comprehensive list of the best brunch dishes and drinks (plus the best place to enjoy the meal outside) in Dallas-Fort Worth.

  • Credit: The Grill on the Alley

    Best Eggs Benedict: The Grill on the Alley
    If ever there was a quintessential brunch dish, it's eggs Benedict. We recently praised 10 of the most creative versions in the metroplex, but sometimes a classic rendition is just what you need to kick off your day with a bang. This prime specimen at this favorite Galleria Dallas restaurant features the usual Canadian bacon, English muffin, poached egg and velvety hollandaise, but it's so beautifully executed that you'll never miss the bells and whistles of more outside-the-box examples.

    13270 Dallas Pkwy.; 214-459-1601​

    Other greats: Lark Benedict at Lark on the Park; pulled brisket Benedict at Filament

  • Credit: Vivo 53

    Best Breakfast Pizza: Vivo 53
    People have been eating pizza for breakfast for years, but usually it's the cold, leftover-from-the-night-before type. Over in Fort Worth at this chic downtown pizza joint, the brick oven smoked salmon pizza is like shareable lox and bagels. Topped with cold smoked salmon, salmon roe, EVOO, chives, lemon and herbed crème fraiche, it's a savory treat that's ideal for the entire table.

    525 Taylor St., Fort Worth; 682-207-8700​

    Other greats: The Green Eggs & Ham pizza at Taverna Rossa; breakfast pizza with sausage gravy at Americano

  • Credit: Matchbox American Kitchen + Spirit

    Most Indulgent French Toast: Matchbox American Kitchen + Spirit
    At brunch, the only rule is to break all the rules. French toast is so popular because it's pretty much dessert as a main course. There are several creative takes on the sweet, egg-battered griddled bread dish, but this one takes the cake — or more precisely —muffin. At this new DC-based spot in Preston Hollow Village, the French toast is made with blueberry muffins and drizzled with a maple icing glaze. Sweet!

    7859 Walnut Hill Ln.; 844-712-2369

    Other greats: Mexican toast made with pan dulce at Meso Maya; pain perdu with Mexican chocolate and jalapeño maple at Madrina

  • Credit: Claire Hogan

    Best Brunch with an Asian Twist: Top Knot
    Upstairs from Uchi is the latest concept from chef Tyson Cole. The kitchen, overseen by Angela Hernandez, turns out a vast array of brunch options with Asian flair, but it's this dish that straddles the breakfast-lunch line the very best. A nice portion of charred salmon is perched atop crispy white rice and served with a perfectly cooked egg, cucumber sunomono, nori and a side of miso soup. Chopsticks, of course, are optional.

    2817 Maple Ave.; 214-855-1354

    Other greats: Bacon pad Thai and Thai fried egg at Asian Mint; Thai eggs Benedict on coconut bisuits at Malai Kitchen

  • Credit: Brick House Tavern + Tap

    Best Bloody Mary: Brick House Tavern + Tap
    You say toe-MAY-toe, we say, throw in some vodka! For many people, brunch wouldn't be the same without a Bloody Mary to kick off the festivities. Excellent incarnations around town abound, from simple perfection to elaborately garnished spectacles. This one, at the popular Texas outposts of this American chain, falls right in the middle with just enough to snack on (deviled eggs, cured meats, olives) to tide you over for the main course.

    Multiple locations

    Other greats: The "F*ck Brunch" Bloody Mary at Anvil Pub; build-your-own-at-your-table Bloody Marty at Del Frisco's Grille

  • Credit: The Rustic

    Best Grazing Opportunity: The Rustic
    If you're looking for variety but don't want to line up at a buffet, this Uptown spot for Texas cooking has one of the greatest options in town. The Family-style "Jam & Toast" brunch features seven dishes (including Nashville-style spicy fried chicken and made-from-scratch donuts) for a mere $17 per person. A side of live music in the vast backyard space is complimentary.

    3656 Howell St.; 214-730-0596

    Other greats: The $42 three-course Whole Enchilada at Fearing's; $23 prix fixe brunch (with cocktail!) at Paul Martin's American Grill

  • Credit: Mutts Canine Cantina

    Best Brunch with Your Pooch: Mutts Canine Cantina
    Man's favorite meal of the week meets man's best friend at this Uptown dog park/bar/restaurant. On weekends only, the menu expands to include delicious breakfast tacos and circular sweets from Hypnotic Donuts. Even if you don't have a four-legged furball, you might want to pop in here for brunch and a healthy dose of puppy kisses and happy barks.

    2889 Cityplace W Blvd.; 214-377-8723

    Other greats: Capitol Pub; Bread Winners in Uptown and Park Cities

  • Credit: The Grape

    Best Use of Bacon: The Grape
    Bacon is a staple of brunch dishes, whether it's served on the side or as a crucial part of a plate's overall conception. At this iconic Lower Greenville romantic dining destination, the famous cheeseburger is served only on Sundays and Mondays so brunch is an exceptional time to try it. The juicy beef patty may be the initial selling point, but it's the two strips of crispy house-cured bacon that really send this sandwich into the stratosphere.

    2808 Greenville Ave.; 214-828-1981

    Other greats: Bacon omelet at Paul Martin's American Grill; beef bacon with any brunch dish at Wayward Sons

  • Credit: Henry's Majestic

    Best Mimosas: Henry's Majestic
    Sparkling wine and orange juice: The recipe for mimosas is pretty simple. But at this Uptown hangout, the refreshing brunch drink gets a DIY spin. Choose from a selection of Proseccos, cavas and champagnes then head over to the well-appointed Sparkle Bar where freshly squeezed juices, tangy cocktail shrubs and a variety of fresh and grilled fruits await your creative interpretation.

    4900 McKinney Ave.; 469-893-9400

    Other greats: Prosecco mimosa at Julia Pearl Southern Cuisine; seasonal mimosa at Pakpao Thai

  • Credit: Luckys Café

    Best Fried Chicken for Breakfast: Lucky's Café
    Which came first, the fried chicken or the egg? Have both on one plate at this Oak Lawn diner that's switched to a farm-to-table format to freshen up its breakfast offerings even further. This twist on eggs Benedict starts with a crispy fried Windy Meadows Family Farm boneless chicken breast and perches it on a corn muffin before topping it with poached eggs and Tabasco-infused hollandaise.

    3531 Oak Lawn Ave.; 214-522-3500

    Other greats: Chicken lolli steam buns at Chino Chinatown; hot chicken and waffles at Remedy

  • Credit: Komali/Facebook

    Best South of the Border Brunch: Komali
    For brunch that last all weekend long (including Fridays!) head to this Fitzhugh Avenue-adjacent Mexican eatery for brunch with bold Latin American flavors. The chilaquiles bring together crispy tortilla chips, scrambled eggs, shredded chicken breast, pico de gallo, queso fresco and a killer salsa verde for a can't-miss combination of textures, colors and tastes.

    4152 Cole Ave.; 214-252-0200

    Other greats: ​Omelette Mexicano with lobster at El Bolero; huevos rancheros at Mi Dia from Scratch

  • Credit: Scott Mitchell

    Best Pancakes: Pink Magnolia
    Cornmeal gives these pancakes a boost in flavor and texture at chef Blythe Beck's ode to southern hospitality and comfort food faves. Plump pancakes are layered with spicy sausage and drenched in bourbon-infused maple syrup.

    642 W. Davis St.; 469-320-9220

    Other greats: Blueberry polenta pancakes at Parigi; giant blueberry pancakes at Hash House A Go Go 

  • Credit: Truck Yard/Facebook

    Best Patio: Truck Yard
    Plan to hang out a while with a mimosa bucket and some tasty food at this massive food truck park, bar and restaurant off Lowest Greenville. Starting Sunday, May 1, the rotating roster of food trucks (including Easy Slider) will have brunch items as part of their offerings. This should be your Sunday Funday headquarters at least once a month, if it isn't already.

    Other greats: Meddlesome Moth; HG Sply Co.

  • Credit: TNT Tacos and Tequila/Facebook

    Best Buffet: TNT Tacos & Tequila
    After a late night out, sometimes the best way to get the next day off to a solid start is with a little all-you-can-eat action. Tucked away at the Quadrangle in Uptown is this Tex-Mex gem with a modern take on the tried-and-true brunch buffet. Highlights include made-to-order omelets, build-your-own street tacos with homemade flour and corn tortillas and a vast array of desserts. Plus, the buffet includes two rounds of bubbly or mimosas. 

    2800 Routh St. #155; 469-518-7888

    Other greats: Omni Fort Worth Hotel; Blue Mesa Grill

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