5 Cool New Patios in Dallas

By Farah Fleurima  |  March 18, 2015

Although temperatures still haven’t settled into a reliable pattern, spring is officially only two days away. That means mild weather perfect for patio dining is just about to arrive. Here are five new options for spring.

Patio Vibe: Cool and urban, thanks to the Cali-imported gastropub’s clean-lined furniture and casually sophisticated vibe (pictured at top).
Patio View: McKinney Avenue street life; West Village retail therapists.
Drink This: The Old Overholt Rye-based old fashioned.
Eat This: The umami-packed Bone Marrow Burger, if the kitchen hasn’t sold out of it.

3700 McKinney Ave., # 126; 972-993-2222

Henry’s Majestic
Patio Vibe: The Uptown tavern and restaurant fosters a convivial and hip feel on its wooden deck with lush greenery and a corner for games (above).
Patio View: Corner Bar across the street and sparse Monticello Avenue traffic.
Drink This: The zesty, bourbon-based, saffron-dusted Guns of Brixton. 
Eat This: A hip patio calls for the hippest appetizer: Henry’s Spicy Shrimp dotted with blue cheese.

4900 McKinney Ave.; 469-893-9400

Luscher’s Red Hots
Patio Vibe: The Chicago-inspired hot doggery’s simple wooden benches on this bustling Deep Ellum street give the patio a modern yet rustic feel.
Patio View: The action on Commerce Street, which should heighten once upcoming concert venue Bomb Factory gets up and running.
Drink This: Goose Island Honkers Ale. 
Eat This: The “Eye-talian” Beef or the signature Red Hot.

2653 Commerce St.; 214-434-1006

Patio Vibe: Cute and a bit retro, which fits right into the soda shoppe-inspired aesthetic; there’s even an old-fashioned pass-through for scooting drinks and eats onto a patio bar area.
Patio View: Foot and auto traffic on Lower Greenville; patio diners two doors down at HG Sply Co.
Drink This: Any of the refreshing, seasonally rotating housemade sodas.
Eat This: The fried bologna sandwich, a perfect snack for people-watching.

2010 B Greenville Ave.; 469-294-4012 

Fat Rabbit
Patio Vibe: Warm and inviting, thanks to thick wood tables and angular wooden chairs (above). And In case spring temps suddenly drop, there are space heaters to warm up the patio.
Patio View: Lots of construction, including an upcoming Whole Foods across the street.
Drink This: The berry and gin-based Bramble.
Eat This: The brunchtime red-velvet pancakes

2533 McKinney Ave.; 469-941-4085