6 Must-Try Boozy Milkshakes in Dallas

By Farah Fleurima  |  February 12, 2014

With our weather's bipolar nature, this particular roundup lands at just the perfect time. Fresh off a brief dalliance with freezing conditions earlier this week, we’re looking at temps in the upper 60s and low 70s this weekend. Insanity! But it’s also delicious timing for this, a list of a handful of boozy milkshakes in Dallas. Grab one and get a seat on the patio while the getting’s good, because the only thing better than a milkshake in lovely weather is one that’s spiked with just the right liqueur to enhance its flavor.

  • Credit: Farah Fleurima

    Hopdoddy Burger Bar

    The Shake: Nutella and chocolate-covered pretzel bits, plus Bailey’s (servers are happy to recommend just the right liqueur for your taste)
    Ideal for: Pairing with the Primetime burger, some hand-cut Kennebecs and queso
    Other Boozy Shakes: Caramel and sea salt with Kahlua won’t steer you wrong; then again, neither will with the Chocolate Stout milkshake with a beer reduction
    Patio Situation: Sparse and coveted; those high tables outside come at a premium on warm days

    6030 Luther Ln.; 214-363-2337

  • Pop Diner

    Open all day, the Uptown diner lights up the night with grown-ups shakes like the Stoli Strawberry

    It’s Ice Cream and …: Stoli Strasberi vodka
    Ideal for: When you can’t decide whether to close our your Saturday night with a drink or dessert.
    Other Boozy Shakes: The Crack-a-Jack, meant to approximate the popcorn treat, and the Jack Honey Milkshake, with Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey.
    Patio Situation: Priceless, with its proximity to the shopping and strolling masses at West Village across the street.

    3600 McKinney Ave., #150; 214-599-8980

  • Twisted Root Burger Co.

    The craft burger pioneer also brought boozy shakes to the the fore with their portfolio of housemade custard shakes infused with spirits like the salted caramel sweet potato.

    It’s Ice Cream and …: Housemade salted caramel sauce, crumbled cinnamon-sugar sweet potato chips, vanilla- or caramel-flavored vodka and whipped cream.
    Ideal for: A burger with a similarly unusual ingredient combo, like the prosciutto-and-pineapple salsa-starring Sexy Hawaiian.
    Other Boozy Shakes: The Oreo & Amaretto and the Vanilla Porter & Custard.
    Patio Situation: Most of the mini-chains seven locations have expansive and comfortably rustic outdoor seating.

    2615 Commerce St.; 214-741-7668

  • Kenny’s Burger Joint

    The Frisco eatery’s menu of adult shakes just added this choco-tastic treat called the Chocolate Covered Cherry.

    The Shake: The Chocolate Covered Cherry with Grey Goose Cherry Noir, Godiva’s chocolate liqueur, muddled Maraschinos and the eponymous topping
    Ideal for: Date night decadence
    Other Boozy Shakes: The Insomniac and The Naughty Mommy
    Patio Situation: None

    1377 Legacy Dr.; 214-618-8001

  • Credit: Farah Fleurima

    Del Frisco’s Grille

    The Uptown singles magnet/steakhouse features the nutty concoction aptly named the Adult Milkshake, also available at the Fort Worth and Southlake locations (sister establishment Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House's Fort Worth and Dallas outposts serve an identical drink in a martini glass called the Del's Delight).

    It’s Ice Cream and …: Crème de cacao and Nocello walnut liqueur
    Ideal for: A fun, loose ending to an otherwise all-business dinner
    Other Boozy Shakes: None
    Patio Situation: Sleek and ideally located along McKinney Avenue for optimal Uptown people-watching

    3232 McKinney Ave.; 972-807-6152

  • Alamo Drafthouse

    The Richardson outpost of Austin’s quirky dine-in theater serves up this minty Grasshopper Shake reminiscent of the cocktail.

    It’s Ice Cream and …: Crème de menthe and crème de cacao
    Ideal for: The slow part of that movie, when a little brain freeze will keep you alert
    Other Boozy Shakes: There Will Be Pretzel, with Martin House Stout, and an Irish Coffee Shake also satisfy.
    Patio Situation: Casual, roomy and just on the other side of Glass Half Full, the theater’s bar.

    100 S. Central Expressway, #14; 972-534-2120