7 DFW Food Artisans to Watch

By Farah Fleurima  |  April 7, 2014

Enjoying smaller food artisans and purveyors doesn't only have to happen at fine-dining restaurants. If you look closely at farmer's markets and gastronome-friendly groceries like Central Market, you’ll find a number of tremendous and delicious brands on the rise. Here are seven in and around Dallas and Ft. Worth to keep an eye on.

  • Avoca Coffee Roasters

    Why We Love Them: The Ft. Worth artisanal microroaster specializes in single-origin coffees and espresso blends from around the world. They even hold classes so you can learn how best to roast different brews.
    Signature Item: Chocolatey, roasty and chile-flecked Mogwai espresso
    Where to Buy: Central Market and Avoca’s online shop
    Where to Try: Bolsa in Oak Cliff and at Avoca’s shop in Ft. Worth

  • Kate Weiser Chocolate

    Why We Love Them: Because this chocolatier’s wildly splashy choco-creations are almost too good to eat. Almost.
    Signature Item: Her gloriously artful one-bite chocolate candies...until her fanciful Easter creations started coming to light, including beautifully painted, marshmallow-filled chocolate eggs
    Where to Buy: Pick up sets of candies at the Oak Lawn eatZi's Market & Bakery, at Ascension Coffee and soon at Weiser’s own shop at Trinity Groves.
    Where to Try: Until her boutique opens, Weiser makes the food-festival circuit, most recently at Savor Dallas, so keep an eye out for her platters of edible artwork.

  • Three Happy Cows

    Why We Love Them: For making pure foods absolutely cheerful.
    Signature Item: Greek yogurt in spoonable (strawberry, blueberry, caramel and vanilla bean) and drinkable (mango and piña colada, strawberry and blueberry) forms
    Where to Buy: Central Market
    Where to Try: Snag a sample from their mobile truck by following their Facebook page to keep up with its whereabouts,

  • Bisous Bisous Patisserie  ‎  

    Why We Love Them: The French pastry maker creates custom towers of French macarons for special occasions.
    Signature Item: The macarons, available in a rainbow of flavors and colors. But cookies, cakes, pies and tarts are part of Bisous’ repertoire too.
    Where to Buy: Artizone.com and at bimonthly White Rock Local Market. The brand is aiming to have its own storefront sometime this year.
    Where to Try: Sample them at NorthPark Center’s Nespresso Café.

  • Pam’s Best Jams and Jellies

    Why We Love Them: Because their artisanal jellies and preserves are the next best thing to eating organic fruit itself and also incorporate modern, unique flavor combos. Oh, and we love their motto: “These are not your grandma’s jams and jellies.”
    Signature Item: Vanilla strawberry jam
    Where to Buy: On their website

  • In a Pickle Foods

    Why We Love Them: For their small-batch namesake product as well as the meet-cute story behind the couple (entrepreneur James and pickle-maker Karen) who created the company.
    Signature Item: Sweet and Spicy Pickle Chips
    Where to Buy: The brand’s website
    Where to Try: At the White Rock Local Market

  • Latte Da Dairy     

    Why We Love Them: The Flower Mound farm raises goats and produces fine soft and hard cheeses from the animals’ milk.
    Signature Item: Goat’s milk Gouda
    Where to Buy: Scardello and Central Market have Latte Da on the shelf, but also keep an eye out for it at the White Rock Local Market.
    Where to Try: Smoke, Abacus and Hibiscus incorporate the cheeses on their local-and-sustainable-skewing menus.