7 Gourmet Super Bowl Takeout Options in Dallas

By Farah Fleurima  |  January 27, 2014

It’s almost time for the main event, which is also one of the biggest (and baddest, in a lot of senses of the word) foodie days of the year. Not up for another standard pizza delivery or buffalo wing run? Where’s a gastronome to go? Here, we offer a handful of dining options that zig where others zag, sure to satisfy your desire for a slightly more gourmet game-day experience.

  • Bonchon Chicken

    Perfect for: Wings of a non-Buffalo-style persuasion

    The Lowdown: After a service hiccup that caused it to close soon after debuting on Lower Greenville, this Korean fried chicken joint is back in the wings game. Opt for Bonchon’s soy garlic drumsticks, boneless strips or wings. The shop is taking pre-orders for the big game.

    5500 Greenville Ave.; 214-346-9464

  • Los Torres Taqueria

    Perfect for: Tex-Mex to go

    The Lowdown: Pop into Los Torres for a mess of street-style tacos like carne, tripa and barbacoa roja or even some wonderfully filling sopes. Just make sure you have plenty of beer on hand for this tremendously flavorful Mexican fare.

    1322 Clarendon Dr.; 214-946-3770

  • The Grape

    Perfect for: A party for two

    The Lowdown: You might not think so at first blush, but the Super Bowl can pack quite a bit of romance if you play your cards right and time game-watching to be, say, your third or fourth date (you know, the very first “staying-in” date). To that end, you’d impress with takeout from The Grape. Chef Brian Luscher’s braised lamb tartines and roasted chicken in white wine-garlic pan jus should inspire some post-snarfing snuggles.

    2808 Greenville Ave.; 214-828-1981

  • Dough Pizzeria Napoletana

    Perfect for: Pizza with panache

    The Lowdown: While Dough doesn’t deliver its pie to your door, the drive to pick up the Neapolitan-style pizza is well worth the trip. Not to mention, when you return with a sausage-saturated Pork Love or a bufala margherita (that is, if it survives the trek back), you'll be the game-day MVP.

    11909 Preston Rd.; 972-788-4600

  • Pho is for Lovers

    Perfect for: Asian takeout that's not Chinese food

    The Lowdown: If you're jonesin' for Asian flavors but don’t quite feel like phoning the cheap Chinese takeout joint around the way, opt for a bowl of Vietnamese pho or a banh mi at this Greenville Avenue cafe. Pho may seem counterintuitive to eat while watching the game, but if our crazy weather fluctuations have given you a bit of a cold, your body will warm right up and thank you for the extra TLC.

    5521 Greenville Ave.; 972-708-1028

  • Mi Piaci

    Perfect for: Decadent Italian fare

    The Lowdown: As of December, Mi Piaci started working with food delivery service DiningIn.com to bring its hearty Italian favorites right to your door. Best part is, the full menu is available for off-site ordering, including tagliatelle alla Bolognese, osso bucco alla milanese and our favorite, the squid ink-tinted spaghetti neri.

    8411 Preston Rd.; 214-774-9584

  • Jimmy’s Food Store

    Perfect for: Hearty sandwiches

    The Lowdown: When you’re craving more sandwich than an underground mass-transit vehicle-monikered chain can provide, head to East Dallas for some menu picks that’ll fill up both your hands AND have you reaching for napkins. The Cuban sandwich is one of the best in town, but we love the saucy meatball variety and the pretty-authentic Chicago-style Italian beef. Can’t go wrong with the famed Italian Stallion, with a list of sausages and porketta piled on a roll.

    4901 Bryan St.; 214-823-6180