7 Must-Try Brunch Dishes in Dallas

By Farah Fleurima  |  December 30, 2013

Let’s be honest: Dallas loves to brunch - so much so that it's practically a subculture. (The meal even has its own form of attire: brunch chic!) We use it to recover from Friday or Saturday night debauchery, as an excuse to drink first thing in the morning and as a way to guarantee good food while watching the Cowboys game. Whatever your reason for indulging, these seven must-try brunch plates make it next to impossible to stay home to flip your own flapjacks.

  • Fried Chicken and Honey Waffles at Oddfellows

    This corner spot in Bishop Arts is beloved for its brunch, which draws a line as soon as its doors are open for the day. Among its most popular dishes is the popular Southern delicacy, which comes with whipped cream for your waffle and cream gravy for your chicken, though no one will fault you for gravy-ing up the whole plate.

    316 W. 7th St.; 214-944-5958

  • Ricotta Pancakes at Cane Rosso

    If the cloudlike fluffiness of the Deep Ellum restaurant’s ricotta pancakes don’t tempt you, let the Nutella mascarpone that comes with it do the trick.

    2612 Commerce St.; 214-741-1188

  • Credit: Buzzbrews

    Griddle Toast at Buzzbrews Kitchen

    We’re not sure what takes Buzzbrews’ spin on French toast to its level of greatness, but if the plain toasts, slathered with butter and Vermont maple syrup is sublime, the Tooty Fruity version, with fruit and mint cream on top, simply soars.

    4334 Lemmon Ave.; 214-521-4334

  • Red Velvet Waffles at Del Frisco’s Grille

    In the South, we love all things red velvet, so it’s no surprise that the red velvet waffle at the Uptown haunt is a favored delight. Paired with bacon, it fulfills every sweet-salty breakfast dream.

    3232 McKinney Ave.; 972-807-6152

  • Chicken and Biscuit at Jonathon’s

    Starring a hulking biscuit and an even larger hunk of fried chicken breast, this sandwich is smothered in peppered cream gravy then topped with a fried egg. Definitely one of those knife-and-fork situations, unless you can imagine fitting that into your face.

    1111 N. Beckley Ave.; 214-946-2221

  • Breakfast Pizza at Penne Pomodoro

    We’d say this Lakewood Italian restaurant’s pie beats a slice of cold pepperoni straight out of the fridge. The pizza has scrambled eggs, provolone and mozzarella cheeses, tomatoes and breakfast sausage.

    1924 Abrams Parkway; 214-826-6075

  • Heavy-Handed Blueberry Pancakes at Smoke

    Is there such a thing as being heavy-handed when it comes to blueberries in pancakes? We think not. Topped with vanilla-poached apricots and fresh whipped cream, these cakes make excess taste just right.

    901 Fort Worth Ave.; 214-393-4141