8 Gourmet Mac 'n' Cheese Dishes in Dallas

By Farah Fleurima  |  November 6, 2014

Chefs all over Dallas are proving it's ok to indulge in everyone's favorite childhood comfort food — mac 'n' cheese — by offering gussied up takes of the dish on their menus. Here are eight must-try versions of the classic.

  • Credit: Brian Hilson

    Lobster Mac 'n' Cheese at Nick & Sam’s

    Why It’s Special: The abundant chunks of sweet lobster amid the sea of cheese and crispy breadcrumb topping make this a particularly luxurious dish.
    Best Paired With: The prime-aged, 48-oz. porterhouse, to keep with the luxury theme. If you want to take more of a comfort-food route, try Sam’s whole-roasted chicken.

  • Four Cheese and Mac at Ten Bells Tavern

    Why It’s Special: Because four cheeses is better than one, this ooey gooey version is made with hearty tubes of pasta, a sprinkle of bread crumbs and topped with Parmesan and chives.
    Best Paired With: The tavern’s popular sauce-and-crumbled cheese-flecked wings.

  • Mac and Cheese at Jonathon’s

    Why It’s Special: The Oak Cliff diner offers versions of the classic with bacon and chipotle chicken (pictured).
    Best Paired With: Jonathon’s giant chicken and waffles. Go big or go home here.

  • Black Truffle Mac 'n' Cheese at Barter

    Why It’s Special: One word: Truffles. Not to mention the inclusion of pricey hen-of-the-woods mushrooms.
    Best Paired With: We know it sounds like quite the carb load, but it's fantastic alongside the saucy poutine.

  • Jalapeño Chicken Mac 'n' Cheese at Dish

    Why It’s Special: In addition to the juicy chicken cubes and the hit of spice from the peppers, the fried-onion crust makes this mac 'n' cheese sing.
    Best Paired With: It’s its own meal, so end things on a sweet note with a serving of the sublime and creamy salted-caramel pudding.

  • Crab Mac and Cheese at Pappas Bros.

    Why It’s Special: There's a reason why this indulgent dish is off-the-menu at this famed steakhouse chain. (Read: it's to die for.) Creamy pieces of crab meat woven among cheesy bites of pasta make this mac a must-try.
    Best Paired With: What else? Steak.

  • Buffalo Mac at Oddfellows

    Why It’s Special: Chicken strips tossed in housemade Buffalo sauce are perched atop a plate of mac 'n' cheese and that's topped with Maytag blue cheese crumbles.
    Best Paired With: A pint of craft beer will pair perfectly with the Buffalo chicken flavors.

  • Max ’n Cheese at Max’s Wine Dive

    Why It’s Special: Curly cavatappi is draped in splendid truffle cream with melted provolone, Gruyère and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheeses.
    Best Paired With: Max’s famed made-to-order fried chicken, of course.