8 Spicy Cocktails to Try in Dallas

By Farah Fleurima  |  February 7, 2014

You already know that everything’s bigger in Texas, but it’s also true that everything’s spicier here, too; the food, the personalities and even the drinks. Here’s a selection of must-sip cocktails that pack a punch.

  • Bloody Mary Diablo at Bread Winners

    A ton of housemade goodness goes into the mini-chain’s Bloody Mary, a bacon-infused iteration adorned with a jalapeño bacon slice. Bread Winners makes the Worcestershire, hot sauce and Bloody Mary mix that go into the drink, and even bottle all three and sell them at all four locations.

    3301 McKinney Ave.; 214-754-4940

  • Tijuana Tea Party at Victor Tango’s

    Bartender Alex Fletcher whips together this chipotle-infused drink with blanco tequila, adobo sauce, cinnamon, citrus fruits and agave. The cinnamon-sugar rim adds one final hint of spice.

    3001 N. Henderson Ave.; 214-252-8595

  • Smoked Jalapeño Martini at FM Smokehouse

    The Irving barbecue haven’s Bloody Mary-esque drink gets a heady smoky flavor from jalapenos that are smoked for two hours. Tomato juice, vodka, black pepper and Tabasco bring the straightforward spice.

    660 Walnut Ridge Dr.; 972-751-6633

  • The Shogun at Abacus

    Tequila, lemon and soy sauce make for an unusual flavor combination, and egg white adds a foamy lift to this cocktail at the Asian-themed Knox-Henderson restaurant. A shishito pepper garnish contrasts nicely with the strawberry sauce drizzled in the foam.

    4511 McKinney Ave.; 214-559-3111

  • Hot ‘N Fuzzy at The Dram

    If you love the citrusy charms of the Asian fruit yuzu, this beverage at the Henderson Avenue lounge is right up your alley. Tequila, Cointreau, lime, peach and jalapeño are lifted by the brightness of yuzu agave syrup for a drink that’s refreshing amid all the heat.

    2918 N Henderson Ave.; 214-826-3726

  • Credit: Farah Fleurima

    Monroe’s Passion at Five Sixty

    We found that this passionfruit and rum-based drink paired beautifully with the Chinese New Year menu that Five Sixty is highlighting through Feb. 13. Chili syrup gives it a kick and ginger juice adds the component that makes it taste great with the magnificent dumplings.

    300 Reunion Boulevard East; 214-741-5560

  • Slow Burn at Boulevardier

    Eddie Eakin mixes a great cocktail at the Bishop Arts bistro, and one of our faves has always been the Slow Burn, with habanero pepper-infused tequila, grapefruit, lime and pomegranate. The acidic kick is a nice counterpoint to the luxurious grilled oysters.

    408 N. Bishop Ave.; 214-942-1828

  • TR Pepper at Taverna Rossa

    The Plano Italian restaurant muddles mint with serrano chilies and adds tequila, triple sec, sween and sour mix, lime and a touch of simple syrup to this spicy brew. We bet it’d hold its own against the Queen Margherita pie.

    4005 Preston Road; 972-403-3321