9 Delicious Deviled Eggs in Dallas

By Farah Fleurima  |  March 4, 2014

With Easter on the way, what better time to seek out that yummy bounty of the season, the deviled egg? Not just a spring thing, it’s a Southern thing, and these restaurants aren’t content simply to serve up your grandma’s version. These nine versions of the classic snack bring an extra-special something that makes the deviled egg, well, heavenly.

  • Curry Deviled Eggs 

    Where: Sissy’s Southern Kitchen
    Special touches: Curry, crème fraîche and tobiko caviar
    Perfect fit because: Adding fish roe lends an upscale flair to a down-home Southern classic, which is Sissy’s overarching aim
    Price: $9 for a half-dozen; $18 for a dozen

    2929 N. Henderson Ave.; 214-827-9900

  • Rotating Deviled Eggs 

    Where: Whiskey Cake Kitchen and Bar
    Special touch: A different kind of egg each week (!!!); past devils have included a BLT, one that was a riff on the house turkey pastrami sandwich and one with wood-grilled salmon
    Perfect fit because: It reflects the offbeat, imaginative cuisine you’ll find at the Plano gastropub
    Price: $5

    3601 Dallas Pkwy.; 972-993-2253

  • Credit: Brian Hilson

    Classic Deviled Eggs

    Where: Dish Restaurant and Lounge
    Special touches: Applewood-smoked bacon and pickled pearl onions
    Perfect fit because: The Cedar Springs restaurant enjoys adding a cool and unexpected touch to comfort classics, and what’s a better pairing to eggs than bacon?
    Price: $8

    4123 Cedar Springs Rd.; 214-522-3474

  • Crab Deviled Eggs

    Where: Cook Hall
    Special touch: Sweet Gulf blue-crab tenders
    Perfect fit because: The seafood shreds elevate the dish just so, much like Cook Hall’s thoughtful, seasonal menu boasts elevated pub cuisine
    Price: $7

    2440 Victory Park Ln.; 214-397-4111

  • Caviar Deviled Eggs 

    Where: Nick & Sam’s
    Special touch: Caviar whipped into the yolk mix
    Perfect fit because: It’s Nick & Sam’s - we’ve come to expect the finest of the fine in most every dish that comes out of the kitchen

    3008 Maple Ave.; 214-871-7444

  • Truffled Deviled Eggs  

    Where: Del Frisco’s Grille (Dallas, Fort Worth and Southlake locations)
    Special touches: Truffle-chive vinaigrette and microgreens
    Perfect fit because: Leave it to a steakhouse to truffle somethin’ up! This egg covers the flavor gamut from earthy to bright, thanks to the chives.
    Price: $7.50

    3232 McKinney Ave.; 972-807-6152

  • Lobster Deviled Eggs  

    Where: Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill
    Special touches: Lobster chunks and white truffle cream
    Perfect fit because: Kenny’s never met an interesting flavor combination it didn’t like, and this one’s right up their alley.
    Price: $10.99

    5000 Beltline Rd. #775; 972-392-9663

  • Sausage Deviled Eggs

    Where: Park Tavern
    Special touch: Chorizo
    Perfect fit because: Dallas loves its spicy sausage, and the addition of tender crumbles of Spanish-style sausage gives these eggs a kick we can cheer for.
    Price: $6

    8166 Park Lane Pl.; 214-446-0710

  • Pork Belly Deviled Eggs  

    Where: Second Floor Bistro
    Special touches: Crispy pork belly, pickled fennel and chives
    Perfect fit because: The Westin Galleria restaurant sure does love its pork belly
    Price: $8

    13340 Dallas Pkwy.; 972-450-2978