9 Fresh Salads for Spring

By Farah Fleurima  |  April 16, 2014
Credit: Mei-Chun Jau

As spring comes out of hibernation, we start looking to lighten the load on our plates and step away from the comfy gravies, braises and meats that warmed us through winter. In other words, ’tis the season for salads, and restaurants are busting out their freshest ingredients and unique dressings to tantalize palates ready for something crisp and veggie-forward.  Here are nine that are ready for prime time.

  • Credit: Ruben Torano

    Spicy Quinoa Bowl at CBD Provisions

    Key Ingredient: Caprino Royale goat cheese, which adds a touch of gamy richness to the otherwise light union of grain and raw and cooked vegetables.
    Price: $13

    1530 Main St.; 214-261-4500

  • House Salad at Komali

    Key Ingredient: The cilantro and pumpkin seed dressing, a creamy dream that drapes over grilled romaine, tomatoes, corn and queso fresco. It’s like a Mexico City twist on a Caesar.
    Price: $10

    4152 Cole Ave.; 214-252-0200

  • Salmon Salad at Lark on the Park

    Key Ingredient: The chunks of Bay of Fundy salmon, smoked in-house. A tangy buttermilk dressing envelopes spicy arugula, cukes and avocado.
    Price: $17

    2015 Woodall Rodgers Freeway; 214-855-5275

  • Grilled Caesar at 3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House

    Key Ingredient: The romaine, or maybe we should say the grill, because it turns the hunk of greenery into a smoky, slightly wilted delight that adds an earthy note to the Caesar dressing.
    Price: $7 (we advise adding turkey breast from the smoker for an additional $4)

    4226 Preston Rd.; 469-287-9035

  • Kale & Brussels Sprouts at Del Frisco’s Grille

    Key Ingredient: The orange segments that hide amid the mounds of greens on the plate! They add a juicy sweetness to the chopped kale and Brussels sprouts also tossed with roasted marconas, dried cranberries and Manchego shavings. Creole mustard vinaigrette adds some pep to the plate.
    Price: $10 (you can add chicken for an additional $5, but our carnivorous heart loved the salad as is)

    3232 McKinney Ave.; 972-807-6152

  • Miso Caesar at BITE City Grill

    Key Ingredient: Easy - the miso Caesar dressing that brings a global flair to the classic salad; white anchovy crostini is a unique way to incorporate the fish flavor. Add some shrimp to make it a heartier meal, and note this: the Fort Worth eatery is unveiling new summer salads later this month as well.
    Price: $9

    2600 W. 7th St.; 817-877-3888

  • Credit: Mei-Chun Jau

    Local Greens at AF+B

    Key Ingredient: The locality - the watermelon radish, herbs, carrots and pecans all come from Comeback Creek, two hours outside of Fort Worth.
    Price: $7 at lunch, $8 at dinner

    2869 Crockett St.; 817-916-5300

  • Panzanella at Sundown at Granada

    Key Ingredient: The pretzel croutons that serve as the bread in this Italian classic. Roasted beets, apple, fresh milk mozzarella and zingy ginger vinaigrette round out the vegetarian dish at the Lower Greenville eatery.
    Price: $10

    3520 Greenville Ave.; 214-823-8305

  • Credit: Farah Fleurima

    Bibb Butter Lettuce at Bolsa

    Key Ingredient: The strips of Asian pear bring a muted sweetness to this vegetarian dish also featuring crisp radish, candied walnut, Roquefort cheese and a Champagne vinaigrette.
    Price: $8

    614 W. Davis St.; 214-367-9367