9 Springtime Desserts You Have to Try in Dallas

By Farah Fleurima  |  May 9, 2014

While desserts aren’t just a warm-weather phenomenon - hello, warm chocolate fondue cake! - we sure love to embrace them anew as a slew of springtime herbs, fruits and vegetables come into play. Proving that seasonal ingredients aren't just for main courses, these restaurants use timely flavors to present modern, innovative and playful interpretations of our favorite course.

  • Spoon Bar & Kitchen

    Pastry chef David Collier’s menu keeps the names artsy and short but the flavors extensive. The White Album features coconut tapioca and sorbet and a tropical ganache, while Pear makes the sous vide fruit and pear sorbet its centerpiece. Chocolate & Caramel Textures sounds like a painting and resembles one, with contrasts of creamy and crisp textures.

    8220 Westchester Dr.; 214-368-8220

  • Victor Tangos

    Popcorn has, well, popped up as a fun and festive add-in to desserts, to our delight. Victor Tangos’ caramel corn garnish adds a terrific textural counterpoint to the tavern’s rich and moist apple-bacon upside-down cake. Bacon as part of any dessert is a welcome component.

    3001 N. Henderson Ave.; 214-252-8595

  • Oak

    Spring tastes like fresh fruits and veggies, and happily, this Design District restaurant's dessert menu changes to reflect seasonality. Case in point, the carrot cake, but this one’s not your mom’s. Orange curd, graham cracker crumbs and elements like candied ginger and carrot “glass” punctuate the dish. Desserts like an elegant plum-frangipane tart with salted caramel sauce hint at summer’s brilliance.

    1628 Oak Lawn Ave.; 214-712-9700

  • Casa Rubia

    Omar Flores’ brain not only hatches a flood of savory Spanish-influenced dishes at his Trinity Grove tapas haven, but he churns out inventive dessert ideas too. The popular chocolate cremoso marries dark-chocolate ganache, kumquat marmalade, pistachios and a Mexican cinnamon crumble, while Café con Leche unites a fluffy donut with rich, deep coffee flavors.

    3011 Gulden Ln.; 469-513-6349

  • Abacus

    Kent Rathbun’s fine-dining showcase takes a fun approach to otherwise very elegant meal-enders. Cocoa Pops, a carnival ride on a plate, involves a fallen chocolate soufflé bedecked with sweet-corn ice cream and caramel popcorn. The Nutty Napoleon layers a feuilletine with Gianduja chocolate mousse and a side of strawberry sorbet. Too much fun? You can always have a cheese plate instead.

    4511 McKinney Ave.; 214-559-3111

  • Hibiscus

    Any kitchen that has chef Graham Dodds, formerly of Bolsa, front and center is going to have a focus on local, seasonal deliciousness. While menu desserts tend toward the traditional - bread pudding, panna cotta - the restaurant steps out with specials like fromage blanc crêpes with caramel pears, candied kumquats and walnut butter.

    2927 N. Henderson Ave.; 214-827-2927

  • FT33

    After a stint at Pyramid restaurant, we were pleased to learn pastry chef Maggie Huff has been whipping up sweet magic alongside Matt McCallister at FT33. Her strength has always been crafting dishes that show a flair for mixing unusual combinations. Case in point, the dish simply called Sorrel, Tarragon, Mint, Dill and Pistachio, featuring sorrel sponge cake, tarragon ice cream and a mint emulsion, all laced with dill olive oil.

    1617 Hi Line Dr.; 214-741-2629

  • A F+B

    The Fort Worth gastropub loves its housemade ice cream, accompanying rhubarb fried pies and hummingbird cake with Mexican vanilla bean and green tea varieties, respectively. Not to be forgotten is the also quite creamy lime rickey cheesecake with hazelnut shortbread and liqueur-infused cherries.

    2869 Crockett St.; 817-916-5300

  • Bolsa

    While we understand that it’s tough to not order the white-chocolate rum tile that’s been on Bolsa’s menu from the get-go, take some of the Bishop Arts’ dessert specials out for taste drive. A dish like lemon panna cotta, with a strawberry-rhubarb sauce and black pepper cookie is light enough to leave you room to order the rum tile as well!

    614 W. Davis St.; 214-367-9367