13 Amazing Pies in Dallas–Fort Worth

By Steven Lindsey  |  July 21, 2016
Credit: Emporium Pies/Facebook

Chances are you're either a cat person or a dog person. And the same can probably be said of whether you prefer cake or pie. Sure, most of us like all the things, but there will always be a preference. So if you fall into Team Pie, you're in luck. Here's a baker's dozen of must-try pies around the city.

  • Credit: Cook Hall

    Pecan pie at Cook Hall
    There's nothing quite like the combination of pecan pie and ice cream and this gastropub inside W Dallas Victory does a spectacular version with large pecan halves on top and throughout the dark corn syrup, vanilla and butter filling. 

    2440 Victory Park Ln.; 214-397-4111

  • Credit: Kevin Marple

    Coconut creme pie at Malai Kitchen
    Take a trip to Asia at either the Dallas or Southlake location of this Thai-Vietnamese favorite where a coconut macaroon crust is topped with creamy coconut filling then topped with whipped cream, tamarind caramel and coconut gelato.

    3699 McKinney Ave.; 214-599-7857
    1161 E. Southlake Blvd., Southlake; 817-251-9141 

  • Credit: Norma's Cafe/Facebook

    Chocolate Mile High pie at Norma's Cafe
    This small local chain of diners is known for its tall pies, available in everything from coconut and peanut butter to lemon and Oreo. But try the classic chocolate pie with a large double-decker dose of creamy meringue.

    Multiple locations

  • Credit: Emporium Pies/Facebook

    Cherry Bomb at Emporium Pies
    Inside this tiny house in the Bishop Arts District is a bevy of amazing pies, but for summer their cherry pie is can't-miss. Flaky butter lattices top tart brown sugar-glazed cherries nestled in an all-butter crust.

    314 North Bishop Ave.; 469-206-6126

  • Credit: Smoke

    Mezcal Key lime meringue pie at Smoke
    For dessert with a boozy kick, check out this take on the classic lime dessert with an infusion of smoky mezcal and cinnamon. Topped with a four-inch high meringue, it's a real head-turner, too.

    901 Fort Worth Ave.; 214-393-4141
    2408 Preston Rd., Plano; 972-599-2222

  • Credit: CBD Provisions

    Cabrito and egg pie at CBD Provisions
    For those who don't like desserts, you can still enjoy your pie. This weekends-only brunch item features stout-braised cabrito, Texas cheddar and a soft egg nestled in a flaky crust. 

    1530 Main St.; 214-261-4500

  • Credit: Bread Winners

    Fresh strawberry pie at Bread Winners Café & Bakery
    At this local bakery cafe favorite, desserts are a specialty of the house at every location. This fresh strawberry pie takes a slightly nontraditional approach with its tall, cheesecake-like graham cracker crust. 

    Multiple locations

  • Black and Blue at The Little Pie Kitchen
    This Dallas-based bakery can be found at pop-up events all over town, but you can call to make custom orders between their appearances. Of their variety of teeny-tiny pies, many baked into Mason jar lids, the Black and Blue is most excellent. Fresh blackberries and blueberries mingle with lemon zest and sugar for a sweet-tart nugget of deliciousness.


  • Credit: Kathryn Kemp

    Rum raisin-walnut oatmeal cream pie at Remedy
    Pies have been a favorite at this Lowest Greenville modern-day soda fountain, particularly the coconut cream pie. But you'll want to branch out with this creative take on an oatmeal cookie pie. Rum cream, golden raisins, toasted walnuts and soft-baked oatmeal cookies are encased in an oatmeal crust.

    2010 Greenville Ave.; 469-294-4012

  • Credit: SusieCakes

    Key lime pie at SusieCakes
    Sure, this California-based bakery may have the word cakes right there in the name, but the bakers create some fab pies, too. This traditional tart and creamy Key lime pie features a delightful handmade graham cracker crust and comes in five-inch and nine-inch versions.

    6100 Luther Ln.; 214-983-2253

  • Credit: Courtesy of 18th Vine

    Fried pies 18th & Vine
    If you crave flaky crust, then fried pies are always a best bet because there's more crust to go around. This Kansas City-style barbecue joint made a big splash for its burnt ends and brisket, but save room for dessert and these handheld treats with seasonal fillings.

    4100 Maple Ave.; 214-443-8335

  • Credit: SĒR

    "Millionaire's" ice box pie at SĒR
    Nicknamed "Millionaire's pie" by those who work at (and frequent) the Hilton Anatole, this chilly dessert starts with a graham cracker crust then gets layers of raspberry sherbet, vanilla ice cream and toasted meringue. Plus, when you order it at this 27th floor steakhouse, you get a spectacular view thrown in for free.

    2201 N Stemmons Fwy.; 214-761-7470

  • Credit: Original Market Diner

    Coconut cream pie at Original Market Diner
    This classic, old-school diner still has a rotating pie display case near the entrance for a little window-shopping before you're seated. They're all great, but the coconut cream pie with a super-flaky crust is always a winner, even at breakfast.

    4434 Harry Hines Blvd.; 214-521-0992