Best Thing We Ate

Best Thing We Ate: Detroit Coneys at Pop Diner

By Farah Fleurima  |  December 9, 2013

We’ve had a hard time finding in Dallas that one legend of Detroit late-night dining that we've come to love so much: the coney island, or coney for short. What you might call the chili-cheese dog is a classic coney in Motor City - a natural-casing hot dog tucked into a mustard-slathered, steamed bun and smothered in beanless chili, cheddar shreds and a handful of diced onions. In Motown, you can find a coney at a 24-hour greasy spoon called a coney island. Greek-themed in culinary makeup, coney islands are known for all-day breakfast, coneys, gyros, Greek salads and, oddly, chicken tenders. Talk about the ideal spot to end an evening out.

We got excited when Pop Diner opened near West Village with promises of duplicating the Yankee coney island experience. We’re happy to report the ’80s-themed joint is spot-on in its presentation of the coney. That first bite, filled with saucy chili dripping onto the plate, melted cheese and the satisfying snap of the hot dog felt totally right, and not because all they play on the Pop Diner sound system is music from the 1980s. To paraphrase a famous movie line from that same era: we'll be back.

3600 McKinney Ave.; 214-599-8980