Blind Butcher Officially Opens February 6

By Farah Fleurima  |  January 28, 2014
Credit: Farah Fleurima

Blind Butcher, the purveyor of housemade meats and craft beer that’s been kinda-sorta soft-opened for a couple of weeks now, has nonetheless been packing ‘em in nightly despite serving just a shadow of the menu. But the restaurant brought to you by the guys from Goodfriend - Josh Yingling and Matt Tobin - now has an official launch date of February 6.

Speaking of the menu, the variety from chef Oliver Sitrin is limited for now, but its creativity is boundless. On a recent visit, we partook of the pork belly poutine, a bowl of fries dressed in pork gravy, mozzarella curds and match sticks of crisp pork belly. It was an exquisite mix that had us scraping the plate for more of its sweet-savory sauce. Expect small plates such as fried cheese curds and beef tartare, and larger plates of - of course - meat. Hand-stuffed sausages presently include English bangers served with mashed potatoes and bacon brats delivered with housemade sauerkraut. There’ll also be plates of cured meats, terrines and pates as well as duck fat fries and savory bread pudding. Brews from near and far are well-represented on the extensive beer list, including picks from DeKoninck, Maredsous, Community Brewing and Peticolas. Our palate can hardly wait to return for the full experience. 

1919 Greenville Ave.