The Tastiest Tidbits at Chefs for Farmers

By Farah Fleurima  |  November 4, 2013

Yesterday, the second annual Chefs for Farmers - that outdoor gathering of fine chefs, purveyors and fine-food lovers - descended on Lee Park for another round of gastronomic pleasure. We ate, we drank, we were conquered by all manner of outstanding small plates, charcuterie and wine and liquor samples from some of DFW's best restaurant pros - and some from beyond our region. Here, we share nibbles of our favorite bites.

  • Brisket on Cheddar Biscuit; Patina Green

    The McKinney home goods store Patina Green is also a huge supporter of local artisan food brands and purveyors, and you could taste the devotion to fresh, seasonal fare in this standout sandwich. Tender brisket mingled with jalapeno-berry jelly on a sharp cheddar biscuit - enough deliciousness to make you swoon.

  • Wild Mushroom Strudel; Ormsby Catering

    Chef-caterer Andrew Ormsby’s savory strudel took second place in CFF’s People’s Choice Award, and it was easy to taste why: chunks of mushroom nestled in uber-flaky pastry absolutely sang on the palate.

  • Greek Yogurt-Stuffed Sweet Potato, Mushroom and Golden Raisins; Uchiko, Austin

    Since the reputation of Austin's Japanese-cuisine powerhouse Uchiko precedes its future opening in Dallas, the line to get a taste of it was understandably among the longest at CFF. Chef Philip Speer was on hand to personally serve this vegetarian concoction, flavored with a coconut milk curry and dusted with spice. The maitake mushroom and raisins gave it a wonderfully hefty texture that made you forget it lacked actual meat. 

  • Pumpkin, Lime and Brown Butter Parfait; Foreign & Domestic, Austin

    The buzz from Jodi Elliott's pastries at Austin standout Foreign & Domestic has been heard throughout the state, so it was divine to see her come all the way to Big D to hand out this decadent dessert. It was as if a key lime pie and a pumpkin pie brought forth an exquisitely rich child. Perfection in a cup.

  • Farro Salad With Guanciale and Butternut Squash; McCrady’s, Charleston, South Carolina

    We were impressed with chef Jeremiah Langhorne’s kitchen acumen when he guest-starred at FT33, visiting from his home base of McCrady’s in Charleston. His wonderful tossed salad didn’t disappoint, and the nutty grain got a flavor boost from onions, the sweet pork jowl and a hint of peppery heat.

  • Pumpkin Fritters with Bacon Mayo; Stock & Barrel, Knoxville, Tennessee

    Hey, it's fall, so we expected to see a lot of pumpkin at the festival. Most chefs used the ingredient to creative and delectable effect. Case in point, the fritters atop a schmear of bacon mayonnaise from Knoxville burger haven Stock & Barrel. Flash-fried to perfection, they were light on the tongue, and the mayo added an earthy richness.