Dallas' 10 Coolest Patios

By Farah Fleurima  |  September 10, 2014

Now that triple-digit temps are on the wane, everyone's flocking to the nearest patio. Check out these (literally) cool outdoor areas at primo dining destinations.

  • Credit: Farah Fleurima

    Back Yard at Social House Uptown

    Patio Vibe: The Social House’s rabidly popular front patio gets packed seemingly mere minutes after the workday’s done. And now the new, aptly named Back Yard, open Friday evenings through Sunday, is like a bright playground for adults, with colorful tables and yard games included.
    Patio View: An Uptown back street.
    Drink This: Perfectly timed for the show’s Sunday premiere, the Mad Men ($9) features Maker’s Mark.
    Eat This: No use getting messy if you’re about to play, so order up some Social House sliders with veggies and garlic aïoli ($10.95).

  • Barter

    Patio Vibe: Urban, cushy and as fashionably bespoke as the interior.
    Patio View: The bustle of Uptown’s McKinney Avenue and its blur of young, city-dwelling professionals.
    Drink This: If it’s brunch, have a drink from the tiki menu, like the Pearl Diver’s Punch with three rums ($7).
    Eat This: The Proprietary Burger, with cheddar and house bacon ($12). Own it.

  • Henderson Tap House

    Patio Vibe: Lively and a bit sports-focused, thanks to easy-to-view flatscreens. Great for Cowboys games.
    Patio View: The traffic on Henderson Avenue; goings-on at Veritas wine bar's patio next door.​
    Drink This: The sparkling Wyatt Berry Fizz ($9).​
    Eat This: The smoked pork sandwich doused in Belgian ale barbecue sauce ($9).

  • Blind Butcher

    Patio Vibe: The wood-roofed patio here got going weeks after the interior had kicked off, but it was worth the wait. It’s casually intimate and heavy on blond wood planks.
    Patio View: Blind Butcher’s tiny little parking lot.
    Drink This: Look like you belong AND like you’re staying awhile with a bomber of Stone Smoked Porter ($13).
    Eat This: The pork-belly poutine ($10.50). Always the pork-belly poutine (unless you’re a vegetarian; then the mushroom poutine instead).

  • Savor Gastropub

    Patio Vibe: Chic and sleek. Quite exclusive too, with a little metal barrier between you and the greenspace beyond.
    Patio View: Klyde Warren Park in all its urban-planned glory.
    Drink This: If it’s feeling particularly summery on the patio, grab the mildly ginger Texas Peach ($12).
    Eat This: The lobster puffs, rich little fritters of shellfish and Comté cheese ($14).

  • Chino Chinatown

    Patio Vibe: Fashionable and festive, with an eye toward Eastern design influences that make it a favorite among the Trinity Groves patios.​
    Patio View: The neighboring outdoor spaces on the Singleton side of Trinity Groves.​
    Drink This: The liquor-forward Dutch Trader ($12).
    Eat This: Cochinita pibil steamed buns ($12).

  • Proof + Pantry

    Patio Vibe: Trendy and of-the-moment.​
    Patio View: The whole of the glorious One Arts Plaza center.​
    Drink This: The perky Pickled Cobbler ($11).
    Eat This: The brilliant, sous-vided Day Old Duck Egg with lamb belly and frisee ($16).

  • The Rustic

    Patio Vibe: Rough-and-tumble, comfy…and a little bit country, what with all those community picnic tables. It feels, you know - rustic.
    Patio View: The sprawling stage under a glowing The Rustic marquee.
    Drink This: The TX Outlaw, with jasmine and whiskey ($7.95).
    Eat This: The smoky molasses-brined Texas quail ($17.95).

  • HG Sply Co.

    Patio Vibe: Spacious, airy and vintage, owing to tables made from rescued farm components. It’s open Thursday and Friday nights and all day Saturday and Sunday.
    Patio View: The distant Dallas skyline.
    Drink This: The signature HG Sour, with apple- and fennel-infused whiskey and chocolate bitters ($10).
    Eat This: The fried perch sandwich, dolled up with spicy rémoulade, cabbage and horseradish pickles ($10).

  • Lee Harvey’s

    Patio Vibe: Gritty and simple, befitting its off-the-beaten-path Cedars surroundings. Picnic tables on a dirt patch with a view of a wooden stage sums up the outdoors scene, but, ooh, do the dog parents love it - Lee Harvey’s patio is among the pet-friendliest in town.
    Patio View: Is that an auto shop or salvage yard next door? Ooh, there's a Downtown building over the trees. OK, so we don’t come here for the view…
    Drink This: Any well or domestic beer you’d like during happy hour from 3 to 7 PM ($2.75).
    Eat This: It’s all about the burger here ($8.50), but we also love the very popular onion rings with chipotle aïoli ($6.25).