Dallas' 9 Best Tacos

By Farah Fleurima  |  April 29, 2014
Credit: Brian Hilson

Welcome to Taco Tuesday! Today we're dedicating the site to all things Mexican food, and we thought it wise to kick off the celebration with this special ode to tacos. Here are nine of our favorites, most being street tacos, made with a wealth of sumptuous meats and served in a double layer of small corn tortillas. Tacos are like barbecue, though: we know there’ll be picks on this list you love, and some you don’t agree with. But if we introduce you to one or two spots you didn’t know (totally possible with the wealth of tiny taco joints in town), then our job is done. So without further ado, here are our picks.

  • Credit: Brian Hilson

    Suadero at Tacos la Banqueta

    Why We Love It: This tasty cut of beef is known for its silken texture; it’s a tender taco taste sensation and one of our favorites to lace with salsa.
    Insider Tip: Try the crisp tripe tacos … if you have the stomach for them.
    Price: $1.35 

    7233 Gaston Ave.; 214-324-4445

  • Credit: Andy Post

    Picadillo at Fuel City

    Why We Love It: Because it’s hard to find a solid picadillo taco in town (maybe because it’s too reminiscent of Tex-Mex tacos?) and we adore the spicy ground beef mixture with diced potatoes thrown in.
    Insider Tip: The popular gas station taco maker recently added patio seating, perfect for sipping your Mexican Coke.
    Price: $1.40

    801 S. Riverfront Blvd.; 214-426-0011

  • Beef Fajita at Taqueria El Si Hay

    Why We Love It: It’s the rare occasion that we’ll order a beef fajita-filled taco, but we tried this iteration at the Oak Cliff taco shack and found it to be a tender, juicy delight.
    Insider Tip: Also get the elotes, with kernels hand-shucked from the cob right in front of you.
    Price: $1.30

    601 W. Davis St.; 214-941-4042

  • Pastor at La Paisanita

    Why We Love It: Tucked into a Chevron station, the tacos al pastor are a small, savory bit of heaven, and we’ve always loved how wonderfully the tortillas are griddled, to crisp-edged perfection.
    Insider Tip: The most popular descriptor of these tacos is “greasy but good.” And the place really doesn’t have a phone number.
    Price: $1.35

    8209 Park Ln.

  • The Cuban Pig at Velvet Taco

    Why We Love It: This out-of-the-ordinary taco stuffs Gruyere, slow-roasted pork, ham, peppered bacon, mustard and pickle into a flour tortilla for an inventive take on the Cuban sandwich.
    Insider Tip: Don’t forget a side of creamy, cheesy elotes and a cube of red velvet cake.
    Price: $4.67

    3012 N. Henderson Ave.; 214-823-8358

  • Beef Brisket at Stampede 66

    Why We Love It: Leave it to this Southwestern cuisine haven to fill handmade tortillas with smoky, Texas-style beef brisket.
    Insider Tip: Vegetarians can get their taco on with Stampede’s mushroom-filled variety.
    Price: $4

    1717 McKinney Ave.; 214-550-6966

  • Lengua at Cool & Hot

    Why We Love It: Beef tongue is a tricky sensation on your own tongue, but griddled ideally, it’s easy to fall for its slightly chewy charms. This Oak Cliff joint does it right.
    Insider Tip: You can wash down your take of tacos with a sno-cone or two, hence the eatery’s name.
    Price: $1.32

    930 E. Eighth St.; 214-944-5330

  • Credit: Farah Fleurima

    Pastor at El Come Taco

    Why We Love It: This new-ish restaurant roasts its sweet pork traditionally, on a spit called a trompo, with pineapple atop it so fruity juices drip right into the meat.
    Insider Tip: The Fitzhugh Avenue spot stays open till 2 AM on Fridays and Saturdays, so it’s the perfect spot for after-club taco devouring.
    Price: $1.50

    2513 N. Fitzhugh Ave.; 214-821-3738

  • Tripa at Taqueria Y Carniceria Guanajuato

    Why We Love It: Much like lengua, tripe is an acquired taste (and mouthfeel), but the Walnut Hill grocery/taco stop makes it more than delightfully palatable for newbies and vets alike.
    Insider Tip: Carniceria is Spanish for meat market, so pick up some cuts of cabrito (goat) once your plate of tacos is tucked safely away.
    Price: $1.25

    2962 Walnut Hill Ln.; 214-366-0877