Snack Attack: Cheesesteak Egg Rolls at Del Frisco’s Grille

By Farah Fleurima  |  April 8, 2014

History would appear to show that we kind of love a good egg roll here on the Snack Attack, and what’s not to adore about them? They’re just about the perfect snack, always addressing our pressing need for juicy meat, snappy veggies and a crunchy fried exterior. Sometimes there’s cheese, sometimes a superb dipping sauce. Del Frisco’s Grille gives us most of that in the unbeatable and crave-inducing cheesesteak egg rolls, on the menu at the Uptown, Southlake and Fort Worth outposts. Steak shreds mingle with melted cheese in a wonton wrapper fried to golden perfection. A sweet chili sauce provides a touch of Asian flair, but you just may prefer the honey mustard. Either way, this snack is on our list of eats to meet our weekly egg roll quota.

3232 McKinney Ave.; 972-807-6152