The 7 Coolest Frozen Cocktails in Dallas

By Farah Fleurima  |  July 21, 2014

Alcoholic milkshakes aren’t the only boozy way to cool down in Dallas. You can find any number of frozen cocktails, both newbies and old faves, if you know where to look. Here’s a mini-guide.  

Frozen Raspberry Mojito at The Social House
It’s $3 off at happy hour, from 4 to 7 PM. The restaurant also has a line of boozy milkshakes with flavors like Butterfinger Bliss and Peppermint Patty.
Best with: The unbelievable buffalo calamari.

Frozen Margaritas at Gloria’s
This is a tradition every Dallas ’rita lover revels in: Sitting on a Gloria’s patio sipping an icy margarita (pictured at top). In the heat, you’ll appreciate the frozen mango and swirl flavors.
Best with: Queso, then the carne asada.

Blueberry Mojito at So & So’s
Uptown’s newest sensation is doing seasonal frozen cocktails (above), and we guess it’s a favorite of the owners: They had also mastered the slushy Sfuzzi cocktail at their dearly departed namesake lounge.  
Best with: Buffalo chicken skins, to cool down their fire.

Beer Float at The Ginger Man  
The pub — with locations in Plano, Lakewood, Uptown and Fort Worth — will float a scoop of ice cream in any brew you request but recommends Lindemans Framboise or Young’s Double Chocolate Stout.
Best with: A pretzel, for that sweet-salty mix.

Frozen Coffee at Twilite Lounge
Not to be confused with an iced coffee at your local cafe, the Deep Ellum bar’s version is a creamy, slushy treat that’s a nod to the original you’ll find in New Orleans.
Best with: Another frozen coffee; alas, Twilite doesn’t serve food.

Moscow Mule at HG Sply Co. 
The Lower Greenville eatery with the all-natural bent serves a frozen version of the vodka-ginger beer classic, as well as the Botanist Gin-based Bee’s Knees.
Best with: The hearty Steakhouse Bowl.

Mambo Taxi at Mi Cocina  
The original frozen drink superstar is a classic margarita swirled with housemade sangria. It’s the coolest start to the weekend for Mi Cocina fans.
Best with: The spicy arrachera steak.

Tangaritas at The Grapevine Bar
Yup, it's Tang. The powdered drink of your youth is the basis for this quite boozy cocktail at the Maple Avenue dive.
Best with: The similarly frozen Pom Pom cocktail. When happy hour prices hover around $3, you’ll want to be double-fisting.