Velvet Taco Fort Worth is Now Open

By Farah Fleurima  |  January 7, 2014

A Fort Worth offshoot of the Henderson Avenue taco haven opened yesterday after surely making onlookers and neighbors drool in anticipation. Velvet Taco, the home of inventive tacos such as the Crisp Tikka Chicken, Fried Paneer and Ahi Poke as well as weekly taco inventions now has a perch in the Arlington Heights neighborhood, in the spot where dive bar Gold Standard used to reside. Dinner began as of last night, and lunch service is slated to begin later this week, per the official announcement. Fans of VT will be happiest to note that the Back Door Chicken program, wherein you knock on the back door of the establishment, hand a staffer a 20 and get handed a rotisserie chicken meal, will kick off on Monday, January 13.

2700 W. 7th Ave.; 817-887-9810