9 Places to Feel Like a Hipster in Dallas

By Farah Fleurima  |  November 11, 2013

Love 'em or loathe 'em, you gotta hand it to the hipsters - they earned the first three letters of their label because they can smell cool coming from a mile away. (We can discuss whether there's an accompanying awareness of their own longevity/extinction another time.) If you don't have a handle on hipsterdom but wish you did, may we suggest a handful of spots in Dallas where you can let the hipster's sharp savvy wash over you? You'll be sipping cocktails out of a Mason jar in no time.

  • LUCK

    If there's one thing that'll draw a hipster like some steel to a magnet, it's craft beer. The brand-new LUCK Kitchen in Trinity Groves has dozens on tap to choose from, plus a food menu that incorporates the stuff. Sit at the bar, act like you know your hops from your malt and let the bartender pick something local - and maybe even seasonal - for you.

    3011 Gulden Ln.; 469-250-0679

  • HG Sply Co.

    Many hipsters worth their salt also love eating healthy things with a local and seasonal spin … that just might happen to be highly yummy. This red-hot Lower Greenville eatery’s philosophy is “80-20”: having 80 percent of the menu and ingredients aimed at natural, nutritious sustenance that fuels you and 20 percent meant for pure indulgence (as evidenced in dishes such as veggie bowls topped with duck confit). Sounds like a balance that anyone who loves a good skinny jean can get behind.

    2008 Greenville Ave., 469-334-0896

  • Monkey King Noodle Co.

    If you steer yourself to this Asian-cuisine emporium, you can wear your hipster cred like a badge. Although Dallas is just boarding the ramen train, this Deep Ellum noodle den is impressing palates with authentic soups, dumplings and sides. It’s also earning raves, despite being open only for lunch. Ahh, exclusivity - one sure way to a hipster’s heart.

    3014 Main St.; 469-206-3658

  • Mot Hai Ba

    Many a hipster has heard this funky Lakewood enclave’s siren song, so it’s no wonder this Vietnamese-influenced restaurant has an indie feel. A no-frills devotion to solid dishes such as pho, banh mi and shaken beef belies its sleek, urban design.

    6047 Lewis St.; 972-638-7468

  • Peak & Elm Cocina Y Bar

    Who loves an authentic East Dallas "Mex-Mex" dining experience that’s also BYOB? The hipsters do! Arrive with a six-pack and see how a Pabst Blue Ribbon pairs with the Tacos Tapatios.

    132 N. Peak St.; 214-826-7617

  • Single Wide

    This kitschy offshoot of Expo Park’s Double Wide is a charming addition to the Lower Greenville mix, with its funky patio and bingo game nights. Stout drinks with names like Yoohoo Yeehaw add to the nifty factor.

    2110 Greenville Ave.; 214-824-5588

  • Ten Bells Tavern

    The Bishop Arts gastropub makes hipsters happy with a fine beer list and chef-crafted food, all of which can be enjoyed on a pleasantly low-key patio.

    232 W. 7th St.; 214-943-2677

  • The Foundry/Chicken Shack

    Tim Byres’ cozy restaurant-lounge serves up a mean fried chicken, terrific craft beers and fine local music acts on a sprawling patio that appeals to the hip and hungry.

    2303 Pittman St.; 214-749-1112

  • Truck Yard

    Because you can take your bottled cocktail up into a treehouse! And because there’s a cheesesteak window called Steak Me Home Tonight. Truck Yard has quickly become a hipster heaven on Lower Greenville.

    5624 Sears St.; 469-500-0139