Sneak Peek at Hotel Boulderado's License No. 1

By Ruth Tobias | May 6, 2014 By Ruth Tobias  |  May 6, 2014
Photo by: Ruth Tobias

At more than 100 years old, the Boulderado is the grande dame of its namesake town - a sandstone-and-stained-glass landmark that’s long been home to not only fine-dining destination Q’s Restaurant but also two local watering holes: the refined spin on an Old West saloon called The Corner Bar and the Catacombs, which came as close to a college dive as a venue in a posh hotel can come. As of now, both oldies-but-goodies have a brand-new bag.

In the case of the former Catacombs, it’s reopening on May 20 with a whole new identity as a craft-spirits bar: License No. 1 (named for the fact that the hotel did indeed score Boulder's first liquor license after decades as a dry town - in, get this, 1969). The speakeasy-like warren of rooms will still house a pool table and other games, but it's also featuring a lineup of jazz and blues acts along with a cocktail list designed by Williams & Graham rising star Allison Widdicombe and a well emphasizing local brands like Stranahan’s and Spring 44. As for the split-level Corner Bar, the changes are mostly subtle: new wood floors, added banquettes, a giant moose-hunting trophy above the historic bar. But there’s also a new lounge area on the sidewalk patio, where a small service bar will soon be installed. 

We’ll be covering the License No. 1 opening more fully in the days to come. In the meantime, take a look around both revamped bars in the slideshow below.

  • Photo by: Ruth Tobias

    While the moose head at The Corner Bar donned a sombrero for Cinco de Mayo, it'll soon be wearing a graduation cap. 

  • Photo by: Ruth Tobias

    New wallpaper banquettes line both the ground floor...

  • Photo by: Ruth Tobias

    ...and the loft.

  • Photo by: Ruth Tobias

    The new lounge area expands the patio by about 20 seats.

  • Photo by: Ruth Tobias

    View from the License No. 1 foyer. 

  • Photo by: Ruth Tobias

    The music lounge. 

  • Photo by: Ruth Tobias

    And from this room, you have a window onto...

  • Photo by: Ruth Tobias

    the workings of the century-old Otis elevator. (Maybe you'll even spy a ghost in the reflection!)

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