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Linger's New Lunchtime-Only Bento Box

By Ruth Tobias | March 4, 2014 By Ruth Tobias  |  March 4, 2014

A research trip to Japan late last year proved rife with inspiration for Daniel Asher, culinary director of LoHi hot spots Linger and Root Down. “The bento box is such an elegant statement on the beauty of simple food,” he says. “How can we apply the slow-food principle to fast food and offer a five-course meal at a business-lunch pace?”

The result of his brainstorm is this lovely quartet of bento box specials, available now at Linger from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, Tuesday through Friday. Each contains a warm, earthy mix of roasted edamame and mushrooms in citrus-rice wine vinaigrette; an arugula-cress salad in ginger-miso dressing, topped with fresh-ground sesame seeds; a pilaf of nutty red, black and wild rice; and ginger-coconut macaroons. Each is gluten-free, and there's a vegan option, too. All you have to do is choose your protein: Korean barbecue-style beef, Sriracha-teriyaki chicken breast, flaky miso-glazed roast cobia or creamy squares of breaded, deep-fried katsu tofu. Best of all, “you don’t need a nap afterward," Asher promises. "You feel inspired and energized.” Actually, we just feel like we want another one of those awesomely chewy cookies. Bento boxes range from $12-$16. 

2030 W. 30th Ave.; 303-993-3120

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