Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs Opens Friday in Highlands Ranch

By Ruth Tobias  |  August 6, 2014

To know repo man turned sausage-cart vendor turned restaurateur Jim Pittenger is to love him, as pretty much every Denverite who follows the local dining scene can tell you. So you’ll practically hear the whole city cheering on Friday, when Pittenger officially opens an outpost of Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs in the Highlands Ranch Town Center. Here’s what we learned at a preview of the joint.

The Vibe

What Pittenger calls “garage chic” will be familiar to fans of the flagship location in Ballpark. The same skull and hot-dog crossbones logo graces the exterior sign and order counter. The same tiremarks from motorcycle burnouts decorate the floor of the 30-seat dining room, while the walls are lined with photos of Harley-Davidsons. Two patios bring the capacity up to 60. The one in back boasts a view of the mountains that stretches on forever.

The Food

Of course, Biker Jim’s wild pack of dogs and snacks remains intact as well. All your favorite sausages are here, from reindeer and rattlesnake-pheasant to jalapeño-cheddar elk and wild boar with dried apricots and cranberries, complete with topping combos like the El Diablo pictured bottom (tomatillo-green chile salsa, Sriracha-lime mayo and bacon bits). Each and every one is great, but the cherry-and-chile-studded jackrabbit-antelope link, aka the jackalope, may just beat them all when smothered in bacon-red onion marmalade, lemon aioli, crumbled Stilton and a sprinkling of french-fried onions (top). Look for weekly specials too; that’s where things really get funky. As for sides, the charred-tahini cauliflower, deep-fried mac-and-cheese sticks and fried pickle spears with roasted carrot-habañero sauce still reign supreme. Finally, Pittenger will roll out a small dessert selection soon: think cookies, pie by the slice and ice-cream sandwiches on chipotle brownies.

The Drinks

In addition to Teakoe tea and fountain sodas, you’ll have your pick of about 15 mostly local craft beers. But if you just can’t stomach the thought of a dog without PBR, rest assured that’s available too.

1601 Mayberry Dr. Ste. 103, Highlands Ranch; 720-344-2100. Open Sunday-Thursday 11 AM-9 PM, Friday-Saturday 11 AM-10 PM