Mini Q&A: Brandon Biederman on Mood Foods

By Ruth Tobias  |  January 9, 2014
Credit: Ruth Tobias

For the first in a series of one-minute Q&As, we're talking to Brandon Biederman, the gregarious young gun at the Uptown helm of ever-hip American hangout Steuben’s and its next-door sibling, Ace Eat Serve, where Asian-inspired small plates and cocktails accompany rounds of table tennis. Since his meatloaf has gotten us through some tough times, we asked him about his own go-to mood foods.

Zagat: What do you eat to celebrate?

Brandon Biederman: Barbecue, like ribs, when I’m with the whole family - big meals you can share and everybody gets what they want. No, I don’t get enough barbecue at Steuben’s [laughs]. If it’s just the wife and me one on one, yeah, we do go out for the big, crazy multicourse splurges. We recently did a four-hour dinner at Sage in Vegas - foie gras, sweetbreads, the whole over-the-top decadent thing.

Zagat: What do you eat when you’re sad?

BB: I’m never sad! I don’t know what you mean [laughs]. But if I want to put myself in a better mood, I need some good spicy Mexican food. Tacos and margaritas never hurt.

Zagat: What do you eat when you’re under the weather?

BB: Soup-based noodle dishes, no question. I go down to Federal and get some Pho Duy or over to Uncle for their ramen. I mean, if I’m not eating the ramen we make here!

Ace Eat Serve: 501 E. 17th Ave.; 303-800-7705
Steuben’s: 523 E. 17th Ave.; 303-830-1001