6 Must-Try Sandwiches in Boulder

By Ruth Tobias  |  April 2, 2014
Credit: Ruth Tobias

When we promise you sandwiches, we deliver. (Not literally, of course.) Behold the Boulder supplement to our Monday roundup of Denver’s most sensational handheld meals. And break out the napkins.

  • Credit: Ruth Tobias

    BBQ Shrimp-Salad Flatbread at BRU handbuilt ales & eats

    Why We Love It: The taprooms of most local breweries don't serve food at all; the few that have kitchens tend to turn out standard pub grub. Thanks to chef, brewer and owner Ian Clark, BRU is an exception in every way. And this creation serves as elegant proof. It starts with pizza dough that's only lightly leavened for an almost-crackery texture. That's filled with gently blackened Gulf shrimp, baby spinach, and julienned radishes, pickled cucumbers and onions, plus a drizzle of barbecue sauce infused with the rich house coffee stout. It's not often you can call a sandwich "refreshing," but this one is. 
    Price: $12

    5290 Arapahoe Ave., 

  • Credit: Ruth Tobias

    Grandma Dot’s Meatball Parm at D’Angelo’s Italian Deli

    Why We Love It: Upon arriving in Boulder a few years ago, Philly native Alisa D'Angelo "was missing good Italian comfort food from back home." So she sent for her mom, Kathy, and sister, Giustina, and together they set up shop in a strip mall last November. Now, along with obscenely luscious cheesesteaks, they're turning out the best sub we've had in ages. Juicy, intensely flavorful, hand-rolled all-beef meatballs, based on a family recipe, come smothered in super-peppery marinara, set off by melted provolone and a dash of fresh chopped basil and parsley. You'll be dreaming about your next lunch here before you've finished this one.
    Price: $7.25 regular/$10.50 large

    3325 28th St. #1, Boulder; 303-247-9000

  • Credit: Ruth Tobias

    Milanesa at Rincon Argentino

    Why We Love It: Twice as wide as it is tall, this beauty is the real Argentine deal. After rubbing a slab of top round with garlic, salt and pepper, Buenos Aires-born chef-owner Christian Saber and his crew lightly bread it, fry it up and layer it on a baguette from Udi's with loads of mozzarella and unusually smooth housemade chimichurri, as well as lettuce and tomatoes. To borrow from the commentators on the wall-mounted TV screening soccer games: GOAL.
    Price: $10.50

    2525 Arapahoe Ave. Unit A5, Boulder; 303-442-4133

  • Credit: Ruth Tobias

    Salmon Salad at The Kitchen Next Door

    Why We Love It: This green-leaning gastropub's beet burger gets the bulk of Boulderites' love, but we're partial to the cool, tangy salmon salad mixed with celery, onion and just enough aioli, paired with a local beer from some garagiste you likely won't find anywhere else.   
    Price: $9.95

    1035 Pearl St., Boulder; 720-542-8159

  • The Spicy Frenchman at Cured

    Why We Love It: Will and Coral Frischkorn’s gorgeous gourmet shop turns out a quartet of superb sandwich specials that change daily, but the Parisian panache of this one has earned it a near-permanent spot on the blackboard. Slathered with excellent butter, piled high with jambon blanc and topped with thickly sliced Brie, it takes just one tangy local twist: a few dollops of peach-jalapeño jam.
    Price: $9

    1825 Pearl St., Boulder; 720-389-8096

  • Credit: Ruth Tobias

    Torta al Pastor at La Choza

    Why We Love It: The store-bought buns aren't anything special; neither is the smear of mayo or the sprinkling of shredded iceberg and out-of-season tomato. So what gives? Along with slices of ripe avocado and a few spoonfuls of thin, searingly hot salsa, they form the perfect backdrop to brilliantly cooked pork. This tiny taco stand, hidden away without signage in a north Boulder parking lot, fires up eye-rollingly marvelous al pastor, dripping in its own juices as well as those of the chiles and pineapple it's marinated and grilled with. 
    Price: $6

    4457 N. Broadway, Boulder; 720-296-5107