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What to Eat at Gozo, Opening This Weekend

By Ruth Tobias  |  February 25, 2014
Credit: Ruth Tobias

Yesterday, we filled you in on the launch of Gozo, which owners Frank Jolley IV and Dominic Valenti plan to soft-open this weekend. (UPDATE: They're offically opening March 7.) Bringing a slice of wine country to Baker - "be it Piedmont, coastal Spain or Northern California" - the emphasis is on rustic Mediterranean-inspired cuisine served in a chill atmosphere. "We want you to be able to come in twice a week for a charred scallion-and-rabbit pizza paired with a kick-ass Sonoma Coast Pinot some 25-year-old made only 100 cases of," says Jolley. Here are just some dishes to look forward to - many of them coming from the Milan-built oven, pictured below, in which chef Nicholas Petrilli is experimenting with different woods, including oak, almond and cherry.

30 S. Broadway; 720-638-1462

  • Credit: Ruth Tobias

    Pork meatballs over ancient-grain polenta 

  • Credit: Ruth Tobias

    Grilled prawns on a bed of wood-roasted, fork-mashed cauliflower in a chorizo-sherry vinaigrette with garlic and thyme 

  • Credit: Ruth Tobias

    Boquerones (fresh marinated anchovies) with sliced egg and rémoulade atop crostini from the Grateful Bread Company

  • Roasted cauliflower atop green lentils with soffritto in a brown butter-balsamic reduction

  • Terrine made with pork-rib and -belly confit, accompanied by house-pickled vegetables

  • Credit: Ruth Tobias

    Pasta with preserved lemon, greens and breadcrumbs; Petrilli also offers a classic Bolognese and gluten-free alternatives

  • Twelve hour-braised pork shoulder with preserved lemon, olives, gigante beans and mustard greens