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America's First "Cat Cafe," More

By Kelly Dobkin  |  January 23, 2014
Credit: Food Network

The first-ever Chopped Tournament of Stars will go down on Sunday March 9 at 9 PM with a $50,000 grand prize for charity on the line. Celebrities from different walks of life including sports stars, actors and comedians will compete in the five-episode series with a finale on Sunday, April 6. Competitors include actor Michael Imperioli, comedian Sinbad and former Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-off stars like Carnie Wilson. 

America's first "cat cafe" is opening in San Francisco called KitTea, from local duo Courtney Hatt and David Braginsky, according to Eater SF. The plan is to make a coffee shop that's an oasis for both man and feline. Read more about it here. [ESF]

And Zagat Philly scores a Q&A with Yuengling's David Yuengling, to find out why America's oldest beer will now be sold in ice cream form.