Food Rants: Comedians Weigh in on Kale, Pizza

By Kelly Dobkin  |  November 15, 2013
Credit: Flickr/Peet Sneekes

Food rants = trending. While food writers have long made a practice of bemoaning various food and drink items, trends or practices (the UK's Jay Rayner does it on a weekly basis), lately a few comedians are getting in on the action. Just this week, Jon Stewart unleashed an epic tirade on The Daily Show against the locally beloved (and reviled) Chicago-style pizza, calling its trademark sauce-on-top presentation "a swimming pool for rats," among other things. Check out the whole thing here.

Along the same lines, comedian Jim Gaffigan was on Conan the other night and started ranting about kale, saying it "tastes like bug spray" among other things. Check it out here.