10 Perfect Cups of Coffee in Houston

By Amber Ambrose  |  February 24, 2014

Coffee is in no short supply in Houston, and that's a great thing. When is it not great? When trying to put together a list of the 10 perfect cups of coffee. So many contenders, so few spots meant this list had us sweating, and it wasn't just from the caffeine. We enlisted your help and came up with lattes, macchiatos, cortados and more from some of your favorite coffee joints. Without further ado, we kick off Coffee Week 2014.

  • Doshi House 

    The Drink: Mughal spice
    Price: $3.85
    Why It's Amazing: It's a cappuccino made with locally roasted beans and infused with saffron.
    Perfect Pairing: A vegan tofu masala pocket pie from the pastry case.
    Know Before You Go: Parking isn't the easiest, though spaces are usually available on the street.

    3419 Dowling St.; 713-528-0060

  • Catalina Coffee

    The Drink: Macchiato side car
    Price: $2.75
    Why It's Amazing: The way it's served side-by-side allows you to taste the difference between the intensely flavored espresso and the way that steamed milk changes the flavors.
    Perfect Pairing: An almond croissant - there's a shipment of fresh pastries daily.
    Know Before You Go: It's WiFi- and electrical-outlet-free, so leave the laptop at home and just come for the coffee.

    2201 Washington Ave.; 713-861-8448

  • Revival Market 

    The Drink: Flat white
    Price: $3.00
    Why It's Amazing: It's made from locally roasted beans by some of the friendliest baristas in town, plus the coffee art is always fun to admire.
    Perfect Pairing: A fresh breakfast taco made with local meats and eggs, or a slice of gluten-free cake from Jodycakes.
    Know Before You Go: It can get very crowded on weekend mornings, so try to get their early or go during off hours.

    550 Heights Blvd.; 713-880-8463

  • Credit: Evie Mae Photography


    The Drink: Flat white
    Price: $3.50
    Why It's Amazing: The beans are roasted by Greenway (whose owners are also partners in Blacksmith), which happens to be one of the most prolific and respected roasters in town. This drink allows the espresso to shine through, with just enough sweetness and creaminess from the dairy.
    Perfect Pairing: A breakfast sandwich made with fluffy homemade biscuits, butcher's sausage, egg and cheddar.
    Know Before You Go: All of their pulled coffees are excellent, so feel free to experiment with your choices.

    1018 Westheimer Rd.; 832-360-7470

  • Southside Espresso

    The Drink: Cortado with almond milk
    Price: $4.25
    Why It's amazing: This one's great for those who prefer just steamed milk as opposed to texturized milk, with just enough to cut through the intensity of the espresso (that's what "cortado" means), and the almond milk is equally tasty as dairy. Plus, the owner sources and roasts the beans personally - when we contacted him for this story, he was in Guatemala on a scouting trip.
    Perfect Pairing: Pizzas made in-house.
    Know Before You Go: They also make a chai blend in-house for those who prefer tea.

    904 Westheimer Rd.; 713-942-9990

  • Credit: Paper Co. Coffee

    Paper Co. Coffee

    The Drink: Latte
    Price: $3.25 for a regular
    Why It's Amazing: The beans are directly sourced, the space is super comfortable and quiet, and it feels like you're in on a secret no one else knows (in the best possible way).
    Perfect Pairing: Anything you bring in yourself. A kitchen is in the works, but until then it's BYOP (bring your own pastries).
    Know Before You Go: Study your map before you get in the car. It's tucked away and difficult to navigate if you've never been before.

    1100 Elder St.; 713-522-3533

  • Inversion Coffee House 

    The Drink: Honey badger
    Price: $3.50
    Why It's Amazing: The drink is naturally sweetened with a touch of honey and infused with a little cinnamon for a slightly sweet sip that's not overbearing.
    Perfect Pairing: Fare from any number of food trucks you might find parked outside.
    Know Before You Go: It's a known haven for students and others working on laptops, so it's generally quiet and subdued during the day.

    1953 Montrose Blvd.; 713-523-4866

  • Buffalo Grille

    The Drink: Cinnamon coffee
    Price: $2.40
    Why It's Amazing: The magic of cinnamon turns what could be everyday joe into weekend-worthy, you-have-to-have-at-least-two-cups-of-it coffee.
    Perfect Pairing: One of their oversized pancakes.
    Know Before You Go: During cold weather, try to grab a spot near the fireplace for the coziest seat in town.

    Multiple Locations

  • El Rey Taqueria

    The Drink: Cafe latte
    Price: $2.50 for a single, $3.25 for a double
    Why It's Amazing: Expertly pulled coffees in a fast-food setting make for a happy surprise.
    Perfect Pairing: Cuban breakfast taco with eggs, black beans and plantains.
    Know Before You Go: They have a drive-thru, so you can easily get that cafe latte to-go.

    Multiple Locations

  • Black Hole Coffee Shop

    The Drink: Cold brew
    Price: $2.75 for a 16-oz. or $12 for a 32-oz. bottle of concentrate
    Why It's amazing: It's made with organic, fair-trade coffee and so refreshing once summer comes around.
    Perfect Pairing: One of their daily cupcakes.
    Know Before You Go: There's also a cajeta latte on the menu that will knock your socks off - if you like your coffee drinks on the sweet side.

    4504 Graustark St.; 713-528-0653