5 Questions About Killen's Barbecue's Opening Day

By Amber Ambrose  |  February 24, 2014
Credit: Killen’s BBQ by Kimberly Park

The moment 'cue lovers have been patiently awaiting finally happened on Saturday. Killen's Barbecue in Pearland opened to the public after a daunting, difficult start-up process. Defying weather and other outlying factors, the big day finally arrived this weekend, and plenty of folks made their way to the former Pearland ISD school cafeteria to line up for salt-and-pepper brisket, pulled pork, beef ribs and smoked sausage made in-house. A year of weekend pop-ups allowed for a nice round of practice runs and time for owner Ronnie Killen to hire Patrick Feges (formerly a line cook at Underbelly) as pitmaster. We asked Killen a few questions about his big weekend. For more details on the barbecue joint, check out this interview we did with Killen in January.

Zagat: How much meat did you serve on the first day?
Ronnie Killen: 700 pounds of brisket, 1,500 pounds of meat total.

Zagat: Time the very first customer got in line?
RK: Jon Derden was our first customer. He arrived at 9:15 AM. His reward: barbecue on the house!

Zagat: What was your most popular side item?
RK: Creamed corn.

Zagat: When did you run out of barbecue on the first day?
RK: 3:45 PM.

Zagat: Three words you'd use to describe this weekend?
RK: Busy, intense and humbled (by all of the people who came out).