5 Things You Must Try at the Rodeo

By Amber Ambrose  |  March 11, 2014
Credit: Amber Ambrose

Some of the most outrageous food ever made will be at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo (HLSR) during its short-but-intense tenure, now through March 23. This year brought just as many over-the-top foods to show as any other, and we tried enough of them while helping judge the Gold Buckle Foodie Awards last week. It’s a tough job eating all those bacon-wrapped turkey legs, but somebody’s gotta do it. These aren’t necessarily the winners of the competition (though you can read more about those here), but these five things piqued our interest the most.

  • Credit: Amber Ambrose

    Pickle Dog From Get Pickled

    A hollowed-out pickle stuffed with a frankfurter, dipped in corn dog batter and deep-fried is pretty much our dream come true. Switch out the mustard for ranch dressing and thank us later.

  • Credit: Amber Ambrose

    Texas Squeeler From Stubby’s Cinnamon Rolls

    Combining two power breakfast foods into one immense package is the Texas Squealer. The base is one of Stubby’s fresh-baked, soft-in-the-middle cinnamon rolls, stuffed with bacon bits and topped with two thick slices of more bacon.

  • Credit: Amber Ambrose

    Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Leg From Texas Steak Out

    More bacon! (There’s never really enough when it comes to the Rodeo, is there?) This time, it’s wrapped intricately around a mammoth turkey leg. You’ll pay $18 for it, but we tend to think the experience of it all will be close to priceless.

  • Credit: Amber Ambrose

    Tater Dog From Tater Twisters

    Sausage meets homemade potato chips in this work of edible modern art. Impale it all on a wooden stick for a meal perfect for walking and eating at the same time. Bonus is the fact it’s all deep-fried, as it should be.

  • Credit: Amber Ambrose

    Cookie Dough Parfait From Aunt Edmoe’s

    If there’s one thing you don’t miss, make sure it’s the cookie dough parfait. While it’s not all that convenient - which translates to not-on-a-stick and not possible to eat with one hand - it is everything else. In addition to vanilla ice cream, two fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, whipped cream and a cherry, there’s - SPOILER ALERT - a hunk of chocolate chip cookie dough waiting to surprise you in the middle.