6 Houston Restaurants With Great Coffee

By Amber Ambrose  |  February 25, 2014

Coffee week rolls on, and we didn't want to leave the restaurants off the coverage. Though we'd hit up most of these places primarily for food, we always end up staying for the coffee. Here are six restaurants serving some of the tastiest coffee in Houston.

What to get: Espresso or cappuccino
Why it's Great: Owner Paul Petronella put a lot of effort into creating a quality coffee program and serves Greenway-roasted beans

Andes Cafe
What to get: Andes cappuccino
Why it's Great: Katz espresso, texturized milk and lucuma (a Peruvian fruit) syrup combine for a 'wow' factor not found anywhere else

Down House
What to get: The traditional cappuccino
Why it's Great: Beans from a small-batch coffee roaster called Cuvee Coffee in Spicewood, Texas and great baristas on staff

Killen's Steakhouse
What to get: Siphon coffee
Why it's Great: First of all, the science-lab-esque brewing of this coffee is fun to watch, secondly, the coffee is sourced from just down the road at Pearland Coffee Roasters

Cafe TH
What to get: Vietnamese coffee
Why it's Great: Intense, dark coffee combined with condensed milk is heaven on earth (and a great post-lunch kick in the pants)

Blue Nile
What to get: Traditional Ethiopian coffee service
Why it's Great: The communal coffee drinking ceremony is a great way to immerse yourself in another culture, right in the middle of Houston