8 Food Trucks to Chase in 2014

By Amber Ambrose  |  January 15, 2014

Food trucks are so rampant these days, it's hard to keep track of who serves what, not to mention where. We've managed to track down eight meals on wheels that have made a respected name for themselves in the industry. Some have been doing this a while, others are a bit newer, but all have the potential to become your next favorite meal.

  • H-Town StrEATs

    Cuisine type: Creative eats, from a short rib mac 'n' cheese sandwich or tacos filled with za'atar seasoned shrimp, eggplant purée, green tahini and sunchokes
    Why we love it: The constantly changing menu, a huge variety of food offered and the gourmet aspect of all their dishes
    Must-try: Fried avocado taco
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  • Pi Pizza Truck

    Cuisine type: Pizza with a fun mix of gourmet and housemade toppings baked fresh on the truck
    Why we love it: Dough is stretched by hand, topped with scratch-made ingredients and served in a reasonable amount of time. Plus, how can you not like the 420 slice with its Fritos on top?
    Must-try: The Outdoorsman slice with venison sausage, cherries in port wine syrup and mozzarella
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  • Ladybird

    Cuisine type: Globally inspired sandwiches, tacos and sides
    Why we love it: Their commitment to using excellent ingredients like Gulf shrimp, Halal chicken and local produce
    Must-try: Lady Bird grilled cheese with green tomatoes, Texas gold cheddar and goat cheeses, Brooklyn ricotta and a pickled okra remoulade
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  • Flip 'N Patties

    Cuisine type: Filipino comfort food and their own special style of burgers
    Why we love it: They have a karaoke machine attached to the truck for patrons while they wait. Additionally, meats are hormone-free and many of the ingredients are organic.
    Must-try: Flip 'n Patties burger with a stuffed portabella mushroom, bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and two different sauces
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  • Rice Box

    Cuisine type: Chinese take-out classics
    Why we love it: Their menu is concise, which means everything on it is delicious, plus decision-making is that much easier
    Must-try: General Tso chicken
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  • Waffle Bus

    Cuisine type: Sweet and savory waffles
    Why we love it: If it isn't obvious already, it's for their waffles. We're partial to the sweet versions like Nutella and banana.
    Must-try: Buttermilk fried chicken and waffle with your choice of spicy mayo, ancho chile honey (our suggestion), honey mustard or Buffalo ranch
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  • Muiishi Makirritos

    Cuisine type: A mash-up of Japanese, American and Mexican
    Why we love it: It's consistently good, offering snacks perfect for accompanying an adult beverage and full-on plates that can take the place of dinner or lunch
    Must-try: Monster burrito stuffed with things like chicken karaage (Japanese-fried chicken) and pork belly
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  • Taco Nuts

    Cuisine type: Upscale taco truck fare
    Why we love it: Tasty tacos with ingredients like duck and critically acclaimed chef L.J. Wiley at its helm
    Must-try: Any one of the day's tacos paired with a side of seasoned corn cut fresh off the cob called elotes
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