9 Indulgent Meals to Try in Houston

By Amber Ambrose  |  December 4, 2013

Self-indulgent could mean a high calorie count, a massive bill or just a decadent experience, though sometimes the three intersect. We've tried to include all manner of meals on this list, from a simple breakfast of kolaches to the tasting menu at one of Houston's most respected restaurants. From simple to extravagant - and in no particular order - we present to you meals worthy of your self-indulgence.

  • Uchi's Omakase 

    A 10-course chef's tasting menu at Uchi is not an everyday occurrence (though if it is for you, feel free to invite us along), which is exactly why it is such a special, indulgent meal. The courses change daily, as does the price, though it will set you back almost $200 on any given night. Before you balk, consider this: it could very well be one of your most memorable meals. Ever.

    904 Westheimer Rd.; 713-522-4808

  • Credit: Paula Murphy

    Foie Gras Burger at Mockingbird Bistro 

    This list could have easily been a "where to find foie gras in Houston," but we had to restrain ourselves. One of the best examples of the controversial goose liver is on top of the already decadent burger at Mockingbird Bistro. Made with the American equivalent of Kobe beef, in between an onion bun and served with frites, the foie is just a gilding of the lily and self-indulgent might be too mild a descriptor to cover it.

    1985 Welch St.; 713-533-0200

  • Chef's Tasting at Tony's 

    Expense account/white-tablecloth/jackets-suggested restaurant? Check. Some of the most lauded Italian food in Houston? Check. These are all ingredients for self-indulgence. Order the chef's tasting to get the full effect, though you should prepare yourself for possible sticker shock. Turns out the best things in life aren't free.

    3755 Richmond Ave.; 713-622-6778

  • Rancor Burger at Petrol Station 

    Just when things were getting a bit stuffy, we decided that not all self-indulgences require a fat wallet. The Rancor is everything you'd want in a good pub burger, and then some: a half-pound Angus beef patty topped with cheddar, bacon, fried egg and garnished with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and onion. Chase it with a pint of IPA and call it a day.

    985 Wakefield Dr.; 713-957-2875

  • BRC's Foie Mac 'N' Cheese 

    Ok, we tried to resist including another dish with foie, but while we're meditating on some of the most self-indulgent meals in Houston, we couldn't skip the foie mac 'n' cheese from BRC. It's exactly what it sounds like, only add duck fat, Raclette Swiss cheese and serve it in a hot iron skillet and you have this decadent selection that brings the classic over-the-top.

    519 Shepherd Dr.; 713-861-2233

  • Vic & Anthony's Steakhouse's Porterhouse for Two 

    What's more fun than a self-indulgent meal for one? A self-indulgent meal for two, naturally. Also, massive amounts of delicious meat qualifies as decadent, so the porterhouse for two at Vic & Anthony's in Downtown covers plenty of territory here. Dress to impress and make reservations for the best possible outcome. Maybe even get a pre-emptive prescription for Lipitor while you're at it.

    1510 Texas St.; 713-228-1111

  • Boudin Kolaches at Shipley Do-Nuts

    It's no giant slab of beef, nor does it contain foie gras, but it's self-indulgent in its own way. The humble, yet substantial kolaches filled with the Louisiana rice mixture known as boudin (or boudain if you're from Beaumont) are gut busting, stick-to-your-ribs and so full of carbs it's hard not to feel as if you're partaking in something a bit naughty. Plus, they're cheap.

    Multiple Locations

  • Brooklyn Athletic Club's Porkobucco

    Self-indulgence almost definitely has to have some pork products, thus the 'Porkobuco' dish at Brooklyn Athletic Club. Much has been written, fawned over and adored about this gorgeous, tender and massive pork shank served with a potato hash and red wine pan gravy, which can be shared, but you may find yourself hoarding every last bite.

    601 Richmond Ave.; 713-527-4440

  • Huevos Rellenos at Buffalo Grille

    Every now and then, life calls for a gut-busting, take-a-nap-right-after, omg-why-did-I-order-this-much-food kind of breakfast. That would be embodied in the huevos relleno - two Anaheim chiles stuffed with cheese and sausage, deep fried and then topped with two fried eggs, cheese and either ranchero or green chili sauce, served with refried beans and tortillas. Ridiculous and delicious.

    Multiple Locations