Restaurant and Bar Proposal Stories

By Amber Ambrose  |  February 12, 2014

In honor of Valentine's week, we asked Houston bars and restaurants to send us their stories of love; specifically of folks getting engaged in their establishments. Surprisingly, it's not always the fancy places that get all the proposals. From breweries to beer halls, and even some traditional restaurants, here are stories of folks popping the question as told by the industry folks who helped set it all up.

Flying Saucer Downtown
From general manager, Asa Hanrahan
"We have a regular who was also an active member of our loyalty program here at the Flying Saucer. When he reached his third plate [meeting the goal of trying 200 beers], he decided he wanted to do something special. We throw a plate party to celebrate the milestone and put a commemorative plate on the wall as a badge of honor. Prior to his celebration here at the bar, he asked his wife to marry him, completely unbeknownst to any of his friends and family. When they showed up to the Flying Saucer after he had proposed, I unveiled his plate which read, "SHE SAID YES!"  His friends and family all went nuts.  We passed out champagne and beer as everyone celebrated. It was a magical moment to be a part of and one of the 1,000 reasons I love my job."

Mockingbird Bistro
From public relations representative, Paula Murphy
"Lots of engagements happen here, and table 12 seems to be a favorite. It is located by the windows on the long side of the dining room (along McDuffie), and is centered on that wall. A recent engagement happened this weekend where the boyfriend brought in a metal tree covered with 'ornaments' which were wine and champagne corks put onto strings, each with a white paper tag that detailed when they drank that - on a date, for a special occasion or just simple morning mimosas. It melted my heart!"

From public relations (and friend of the couple) director of Clumsy Butcher Restaurant Group, Lindsey Brown
"Our friend wanted to propose to his girlfriend at Underbelly because that was their first date. No one knew he was proposing, except local photographer, Julie Soefer. Julie actually introduced the two of them, and took a few photos of their engagement as a surprise to the girlfriend. She hid in the Underbelly wine room during their entire dinner so she could spy on their table without them noticing her. He proposed over dessert, and Julie was finally able to pop out of the wine room and start snapping. The entire restaurant erupted into applause after the big moment."

Damian's Cucina Italiana
From Johnny Mandola
"We had a young couple come in to dine in our chef's table a couple years ago. At the end of the meal our waiter served a tiramisu with the serving plate saying 'Will you marry me?' written in chocolate and had an engagement ring on the dessert plate. The young man got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend. Afterwards, I congratulated them and commented that we have a banquet room upstairs if they'd like to take a look for a rehearsal dinner. She was not too excited about that since they just had gotten engaged and wanted to enjoy the moment. I insisted, and took them upstairs to show them, and the gentlemen had arranged their family members to be in attendance for a big party. It was a huge surprise. They continued the celebration by having cocktail reception with all the family members."

8th Wonder Brewery
From Ryan Soroka
"A guy rented out the brewery for an 'extra special event.' This is how the whole thing unfolded: He sent his girlfriend out for a girl's day with her sister. All the while he is at 8th Wonder setting everything up with us. Rose petals outside leading up to the entrance and into the brewery. Roses in growlers on the picnic tables. Red and white balloons covered the brewery floor. Multicolored streamers hung from the fermentation tanks. He hired a private car to drop her off at the brewery where he awaited outside with roses. They walked in, took a seat at a picnic table, and he popped the question. She said 'yes.' We brought both of them a fresh pint of Hopston IPA, and shortly thereafter their friends and family joined them in celebration."