First Look: Punk’s Simple Southern Food in Rice Village

By Marcy de Luna  |  April 10, 2014

Located in Rice Village, Punk's Simple Southern Food mixes refined southern manners with some serious swagger. It’s illustrated in the seasonal menu of simple down-home cuisine, with swank bold flavors.

The laid-back eatery, which opened at the end of March, marks the fifth restaurant for Clark Cooper Concepts; other ventures includes Ibiza, Brasserie 19, Coppa Osteria and Coppa Ristorante Italiano. Below, take a look at the space and some menu highlights. 

5212 Morningside; 713-524-7865

  • Food

    We recommend you start with the loaded tater tots. Piping hot with an interior of creamy rice, bacon, cheddar, scallion and sour cream, these tots are rolled in potato crisps, capped in a crisp fried layer and served with a side of buttermilk dressing. Don’t skip the biscuit bar either, where the assortment of buttermilk biscuits features a buttered and fried crawdads version, smothered in rich etouffee sauce. For heartier fare, try the fried seafood po' boy or Punk’s cheeseburger topped with traditional fixin’s or a fried egg and pimento cheese. Main entrees include Ma’s Meatloaf, Backyard Pork Chops and Grandma Pat's Crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken. 

    For to-go orders, Punk’s curbside window is coming soon. And while Punk’s Sauce - a spicy blend that borrows from Tabasco, Crystal and Louisiana hot sauces and then adds a Punk’s twist - is complimentary with your meal, it’s so good they’ve bottled it up for sale.

  • Drinks

    In line with Clark Cooper Concepts’ other restaurants, the wine selection is solid and the mark-up is low. Punk's beer program sees options from local breweries including Saint Arnold. For cocktails, the $10 Raspberry Smash with raspberries, Maker’s Mark, Giffard Framboise, lemon and mint is a stand out option, as is the $8 Peachy Keen Milk Punch. The Deep South classic cocktail mixes Dickel White Corn Whiskey with Mathilde Peche Liqueur and peach preserves.

  • Decor

    The 3,400-sq.-ft. interior dining space has seating enough for 110, while the wrap-around patio is 1,500-sq.-ft. with additional seating for 100. The majority of the decor is sourced from Round Top, Texas, where owner Grant Cooper frequents antique shows and shops. Cooper worked with McGarr Designs to create the final vision of Punk's; the result is pure rustic southern charm.