Houston Food Truck Spotlight: Koagie Hots

By Marcy de Luna  |  May 7, 2014

The Truck: Koagie Hots

The Name: Koagie combines the words “kogi,” which means meat in Korean, and “hoagie.” The second part of the name stems from a restaurant that owner Matthew Pak, originally from New York, used to frequent called "Henrietta Hots" near Rochester.

The Story: Two years ago, while working as a sous chef under Mike Potowski at Benjy's on Washington, Pak decided to capitalize on the food truck craze. He took inspiration from NYC, where cheesesteak and hot dog late-night eateries are commonplace. His food truck serves Korean barbecue Philly cheesesteaks, hot dogs and more. “I like simple food," Pak said. "And of course we had to please the late night crowd with some greasy non-healthy stuff.”

Best Bites: The Kimchi Koagie. A half pound of thinly sliced and marinated Korean BBQ rib-eye comes atop a 6 to 7 inch Slow Dough French baguette. Toppings include caramelized onions, kimchi, spicy mayo and provolone or Kraft Cheez Whiz ballpark-style creamy cheese. Freshly cut scallions serve as the garnish.

Price Tag: $9.50; add mushrooms, a fried egg, hot peppers or sweet peppers for $1.

Where to Look: Check Koagie Hots' Facebook or Twitter account for the latest information.