Houston Food Truck Spotlight: Monster PBJ

By Marcy de Luna  |  April 23, 2014

The Truck: Monster PBJ

The Story: On the road nearly two years now, the Monster PBJ food truck was launched by a pair of operators and an anonymous duo of software and graphic designers. Looking to offer food that appeals to both meat and non-meat eaters, the owners thought the classic and beloved peanut butter and jelly sandwich was the perfect choice.

Best Bites: The Mariela. No soggy sandwich here; two hearty slices of freshly baked bread hold together generous amounts of evenly spread fresh-ground nut butter and jam, both additive and preservative free. Eclectic ingredients of crisp kosher dill pickles and spicy Sriracha sauce are added, and the whole gooey concoction is grilled. Not your typical lunch box item, this PB&J's unusual mix of ingredients manages to strike a balance of sweet and sour while the pickles provide crunch and the hot sauce adds kick. It's a mouthful of unexpectedly tasty fare. 

Make It Your Own: Monster PBJ's customized sandwiches are served on your choice of white, wheat or gluten-free bread. Nut butter flavors include peanut, almond and cashew.

Price Tag: $3 for a half sandwich, $5 for a whole and $7 for a monster-size sandwich with three slices of bread.

Where To Look: Check Monster PBJ's website for the latest information.