Houston's 8 Best Sandwiches

By Nikki Metzgar  |  March 31, 2014

Even as modern cuisine evolves toward edible foams and all-juice diets, it's the sandwich that remains king. These eight, from classics to reinventions, exemplify the best of the form. 

  • Banh Mi; Cafe TH

    If there was an official sandwich of Houston, the banh mi would be it. This ubiquitous Vietnamese menu item is not always created equal, however, and the one served at Cafe TH rises to the top for fresh bread and ample stuffing.

    Price: $3.24 for the large
    Insider tip: Spend the extra 92 cents to get a fried egg on top.

  • The Morning Glory; BB's Cafe

    As you make your way through the mountain of sausage, scrambled eggs, queso and BB’s special sauce slathered on French bread, sandwich runoff drips down your forearms and you can’t help but feel... like you definitely should have worked out today.

    Price: $7
    Insider tip: This sandwich is only available at the BB’s Montrose location.

  • Cevap Sandwich; Cafe Pita+

    Cevapi - ground beef mixed with spices and formed into a sausage shape - is considered the national dish of Bosnia and served in sandwich form on spongy lepinja bread. Cafe Pita+ is one of, if not the only place to find these sandwiches in Houston, a total shame given how hearty and delicious it is.

    Price: $6.99
    Insider tip: The best way to enjoy your sandwich is with a side of diced white onions, the creamy dairy spread kajmak and the red pepper and eggplant condiment called ajvar.

  • Truffled Egg Sandwich; Local Foods

    Truffled egg salad with Parmesan and aioli on a pretzel bun is not exactly how your grandma used to make it, or your vintage deli might have sold it, but this is one of those instances when change is welcome. Balance out the indulgence with some kale salad on the side.

    Price: $9.50, including two sides
    Insider tip: The Rice Village location is slammed at lunchtime; to avoid a wait, show up by 11:30 AM.

  • H.A.M.; Eatsie Boys Cafe

    The Eatsie Boys blow a typical ham sandwich out of the water with their version, which includes slow-roasted pork tenderloin au jus, grilled ham, Swiss cheese, spicy pickled pineapple, coleslaw and a fried egg on top of ciabatta.

    Price: $10
    Insider tip: Garage parking behind the restaurant is validated with a purchase.

  • Mortadella Sandwich; 13 Celsius

    Served on an actual pretzel (because pretzel buns are just pretending), this sandwich oozes with melted provolone mixed with fried egg yolk. If you look at it at just the right angle, it's shaped like a heart, which makes sense because we seriously heart eating it. 

    Price: $12
    Insider tip: Visit on Sundays, when open bottles are 50% off. 

  • Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich; Revival Market

    This sandwich is a simple pleasure, constructed out of scrambled yard egg, white cheddar and a fresh buttermilk biscuit. But when each ingredient is the finest available, you don't need more than that. Except bacon, which is also an option. 

    Price: $3.95; add bacon, deli ham or turkey for an extra dollar.
    Insider tip: Order a flat white from the coffee counter to complete the experience.

  • Crab Daddy Bao; Fat Bao

    There's something kind of genius about stuffing steamed Chinese buns with all manner of savory ingredients (brisket! smoked salmon!), and our favorite at this Upper Kirby spot is the Crab Daddy. Say hello to soft-shell crab, spicy mayo and slaw.

    Price: $5
    Insider tip: If you show up for lunch Monday through Friday from 11 AM to 3 PM, you can get two baos, a side and a fountain drink for $9.25.