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Snack Attack: Campechana De Mariscos at Goode Company Seafood

By Marcy de Luna  |  April 24, 2014

Restaurateur Jim Goode of Goode Company (Goode Co. BBQ, Goode Co. Taqueria, Armadillo Palace and Goode Co. Seafood) has fond childhood memories of family trips to Campeche, Mexico. The cuisine in particular left an impression, especially Mexican street fare like the tasty blend of fresh seafood, Mexican salsa and sliced avocado served in a cone. He recreates this Mexican shrimp cocktail and shares it with us at Goode Company Seafood.

An order of the campechana comes in a tall hurricane glass, centered on a plate and surrounded by crunchy tortilla chips and saltine crackers. Loaded with fresh flavor, the shrimp and crab ceviche is mixed with sweet salsa campeche (red cocktail sauce) and hunks of green avocado for a delicious and festive prequel to any seafood dinner.